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Saturday, 28 November 2020

As November ends

Not what I wanted to see when turning on my computer, the system did not fix itself and our 'computer expert' thinks its the hard drive, so he will work on it, to see if he can retrieve my data, but it's going to cost, now I'm blogging on my phone, my ipad is not so easy to blog from. 
 I have put the decorations up, I've never done this in November before, but I do feel the house looks more inviting, I have also been using candles most evenings. Youngest daughter got me a lovely Christmas spicy candle, which I am loving. 

We are looking forward to having a few more local shops open in our village next week, we don't need to go into town. 
With the new rules we have a pleasing change, the rules state any family with a disabled child under 5 years can form a support with 1 other family, so daughter has chosen us, so we will be able to see daughter, Will and George in our home, I'm pleased to be able to give support. 
Our plans are to stay home as much as we can, so we can go to daughters home for Christmas, her MIL is away, so it will just be 2 families. I don't see the next 4 weeks as a trial, it's given us time to keep safe, stay away from the virus and keep well for mixing families.
November has rushed by, we are daily doing as much as we can, we walk every dry day, we both enjoy a stroll in our local park, there is nothing to do in the garden, but I do wander around it most days. 
I'm not doing much craft, I do hope to finish a project for George and pack away my sewing machine, I seem able to sit and do nothing for the last couple of afternoons. I have watched a couple episodes of The Crown, I'm not sure if I am comfortable watching this series, I still feel strongly about how Lady Di was treated, and being a drama, how they tell the story, the Internet is full of articles from the show and opinions.


  1. Usually we don’t put up our decorations till about Christmas Eve but this year it seems we will be spending our first ever Christmas in Italy so I’ve been thinking about what to do, We have a few tatty baubles then were in the house when we bought it and a nativity scene we were given years ago. Add some greenery and of course lots of candles and that’s us, but not for a few weeks yet, I’m far too bah humbug for Christmas in November.

  2. I would love a christmas tree but I know that the cats would wreck it in no time. We are watching the Crown and I have to say that I am enjoying it. I didn't think I would.

    1. Our 2 cats are really good, they sniff the tree, have a good look when the lights go on, but then happily sleep in their baskets each night.

  3. I'm hoping to put my decorations up tomorrow, which is still technically November, which I've never done before either, but I want to do it before I go back to work. We're finding The Crown a difficult watch this season too. I know it's not completely factual, but it's difficult not to believe some of it, knowing how things panned out.

  4. I have been following The Crown's latest episodes too and I am glad to hear it isn't just me who feels that the reference to C & D in the series is rather disturbing!I have even switched off some of those episodes! I wonder just how much truth there is in this production. Good news then being able to be together over Christmas with grandchildren!! Enjoy! Amanda x

  5. I'm so please you'll be able to spend time with your daughter and her family over Christmas. I think you deserve a break you craft week in week out, but I know you love it. I'm liking the Crown but I am only on Season 1. I'm looking at it with some skepticism but equally it is thought provoking.

  6. Hopefully our decorations will be up in the next few days although I'm feeling the need to be more minimal this year. I couldn't get into The Crown, it is too dramatised for me.

  7. Decorating is pretty much done here. I may add a few things if I can find the items I want.

    The days and months do seem to zip by even in this weird year.

    God bless.

  8. Our tree went up yesterday but Christmas cards still to be written.
    I hope you manage to get your computer fixed, what a nuisance being without it must be for you right now.

  9. I am new to The Crown and we have been binge watching the first 3 series. I have only watched the first episode of the new series so far which I found quite agonising and found the IRA explosion particularly hard to watch.
    I always blog from my iPad but it does have it’s ups and downs!



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