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Monday, 23 November 2020


I have worked on this loads to get it done, I decided to do the banner before finishing the bottom branches, and in only my world would I decide to to more than the design calls for, whilst on a time limit. I have decided to stitch the background on the banner white, in the design it's not done, but I want it to stand out. One very good point is the rust mark left by the needle sitting in my work for years is outside of the area which will show once it us made up, I can't say how pleased I am. 
The banner is simple easy counts and filling in, which is done much quicker, the right side is finished, and only one large branch to finish, with a bird sat on it on the left. There is a larger bird sitting on the banner which I am saving to last, I love creating the birds on this project. 
Sunday it was George's birthday, mummy and daddy made it very special for him, Will was very excited all day, loads of balloons and a birthday tea and cake, I was sad for most of the day, it's hard to miss their birthdays when they live so close. 
We did see George and Will for an hour on Friday, daughter had to do some work for PortsmouthDS charity, which was loads of driving to deliver items, daddy was working in the office, so we stepped in for childminding duties, we savoured every moment with both boys. Will informed us he could not sleep over because Boris would not let him, but we did promise a sleep over when Boris says we can. 

Sunday hubby was out all morning until early afternoon, I had my sewing machine out, I did not get everything finished, but I got a few gifts done, photo's next time. I hope to do more sewing this afternoon. 

I have been very busy, loads of things are done and I'm up to date on loads, but I don't feel as great as I should, like so many I am struggling. We are well, warm and have food and things to do, we are both happy and comfortable with each other company, but we are bored. Even with the list of Christmas tasks, which I am getting through quite well, so much is missing, this year, we will not drive to Somerset in December to see family, my brother is not coming here for Christmas, our plans to be at our daughters on Christmas Eve are unsure, I am a planner and the uncertainty is my undoing. 



  1. George is just adorable, what a shame you couldn't share in his birthday. We're all missing out on so much this year, things and times we can never get back. Xx

  2. Your stitching is looking great! The stitches are so tiny! So hard not being able to be with your grand-child on his birthday. It was my grand-daughter's birthday on Sunday too she was 20 years old...time so flies by. We celebrated it at my daughter's place and there were just the 4 of us so easily within the 6 allowed. You are so organised I haven't even started to make any Christmas gifts yet. I am giving it some thought though :-) keep well Amanda x

  3. Thank you so much. The penny dropped when I read your final sentence. I too am a planner and yes, it is the uncertainty that is getting me down.

  4. Your stitching is incredible and it looks amazing. I'm sure it's going to be a gift well received. George is adorable and I loved Will's remark about Boris. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

  5. It's a shame you are missing out on special times with your family. I like that Will blames Boris, quite right too.

  6. You stitching is beautiful. If trees can be delicate that is a delicate tree. I am the same as you with planning. Such an uncertain year and yet more to come. I see no end yet.
    Stay safe.

  7. Your stitching is moving right along. You will be finished in no time and I can hardly wait to see how you finish it.

    God bless.

  8. I also like to plan things ahead and find it very unsettling when I can't do so. Hopefully next year you will be able to see more of the family again.

  9. I'm so glad for you that you managed to see the boys. They are such a joy aren't they. I'm missing our two GC dreadfully and, you are so right, its the uncertainty which is getting me down too. Meeting them for Christmas is still far from certain. Some days I just can't get going I'm so bored with each day stretching aimlessly ahead....

  10. Belayed birthday wishes for George, and I loved Will's remark about Boris.

    All the best Jan

  11. Lovely photo of George and his huge 1! I know exactly how you feel, just completely out of sorts. I’m sure there are many who feel like it too.



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