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Sunday, 8 November 2020

Another birthday

The best birthday cards always have huge writing inside, made by tiny hands, this year I have had lovely cards.
My friend got me this mug, I won't use it for tea, but it will be used in my office/craft room, probably with needles in it, she got herself one as well, as she loves knitting and most crafts. 
It would not be my birthday, without a really good bottle of wine, and this is my favorite, we enjoyed it with a Chinese takeaway, not a birthday gift, but one I have been keeping for this birthday. 
Youngest daughter got this pot a while ago and I was allowed it early so I could plant it up, inside I put hyacinth bulbs,  it came with tulips, but they are in a pot in the garden. There is the start of new growth, not enough to show on this photo.
Youngest daughter, is really thoughtful and gave me this Christmas candle early, I wish you could smell it, it's everything Christmas with a lovely hit of ginger, she purchased 4, for MIL, her stepmum, herself and me, all given early so we can have the most wonderful addition to the month of December. 
It's a strange birthday, my cake was cut on Tuesday with my friends over for coffee, and then enjoyed by Will and daughter on Wednesday, we finished it on Thursday and Friday. Hubby got me our Pergola as my birthday present, he wanted to buy me jewelry, but there was nothing I wanted, and I won't buy something just to have it live in a box in my drawer, he also popped £50 in a card, as he felt we would both benefit from my main present. 

We had a lovely day at home together, and shared a takeaway from our favorite place and the above wonderful bottle of wine, sadly just the 2 of us, normally we would have some family here, but like so many, it's life now, making the best.

On Saturday I was 65, how did than happen, I don't feel 65, but then how should I feel, my dear mum was old to me at 65, and I don't feel old, I feel much the same as this post 5 years ago. I retired from work a couple years ago and since then I have been enjoying life with hubby, loving I have so much time with Will and George. I know I am lucky, I am healthy, and that's a big plus, I had my battle with breast cancer back in 2010, so I know illness sucks at our age.  


  1. Very many happy returns, Marlene, let us hope our birthdays next year can be spent with our friends and family. You had some lovely thoughtful gifts. Xx

  2. Belated birthday wishes. Xx

  3. I had to look twice for the mug, then I realised it was the wool, LOL. Happy Birthday.

  4. I know this is late, but Happy Birthday Marlene! I'm glad you got to celebrate, even if it was only the two of you.
    I know exactly what you mean about not feeling 'old' - I thought my father was ancient when he had his fortieth birthday party but I know better now! My mother, when 80, used to say she still felt as young as she had in her 20s - it was just the body that didn't perform quite like it used to :)

  5. Happy Birthday, the card is precious. Love the mug.

    God bless.

  6. Happy birthday, belated but happy is wished for you all the same. I am 63 myself and yes, that happened quickly! Let's hope we can get together again with loved ones soon. x

  7. Wishing you a happy belated birthday. It's been such a funny year, we've had to make the most of many situations, let's hope that we can get a little normality back in our lives next year.

  8. Adorable cards....they are the best! I expect you do the same as me and put them away to look back on during quiet moments. Happy belated birthday wishes!! Just love that mug have never seen one like that!! keep well Amanda x

    1. I keep loads of my cards and handmade things from grandchildren, I have most of the items both daughters made for me when they were growing up, it's a huge stash, which I should look through, but it would take a couple of days, maybe the next rainy period we get.

  9. Many Happy Belated Birthday Wishes.

    All the best Jan



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