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Thursday, 26 November 2020

Torchon O Christmas Tree

Back in mid November, I decided it was time to bring this project back out, it had been in my WIP box for a couple of years, I still had all the threads stored with the design, so it was just a case of stitching it again, in hope to be able to have it finished and on show this Christmas season.

As promised to myself, this bigger bird was the last part I stitched, the shades and colours bring these birds alive as I stitched them, the designer has made wonderful images. 
In another add on, I decided I would like the snow to shine, so I used some sliver sewing machine thread, which I separated, and stitched at random, I'm pleased it just give the snow a lift. I'm not sure if you can see it, but it does glimmer in daylight. 
The pin in my fabric shows where I left the needle before it was packed away, the needle left a rust mark, I thought it would far enough away to not matter, but my decision to make a cushion, needed a bigger square area and the rust spot was a problem.
So a plan was needed, I simply stitched the flying bird over the mark and to balance the look, I stitched the same flying bird on the other side, so now this is finished. It was stitched on 28 count evenweave, using 1 strand of DMC thread. 
It took very little time to make a new cushion inner and the cover with the tartan fabric I had in my stash, I think it goes well, originally I was going to use plain red, but then I saw the fabric in my stash and knew it would suit. I did want an edging on this cushion, so when our local shop reopens next week I will find a nice braid to stitch around the seams. I did pop a cotton lining behind my stitching to help it keep it's shape.
End of the story, not quiet, I cut all the bits out, decided to make the bottom differently so when I stitch it together I'm stitching on 2 layers of cotton, so lay it out, then I hemmed the lower small flap popped it back in and stitched around twice, turned it the right way and yes, its wrong, I have left it, trying to unpick 2 rows of matching stitching from my stitching canvas would not go well. So there we are, its finished, not right but it's done.

I have used loads from my stash this year, I have one other small project almost completed, I will post next time, it's fun to be able to look and use what I already have. I have pulled out another cross stitch WIP to work on, but I won't being doing it day and night, I am heading back to my knitting needles and the jackets for Will and George. 

I am still using my sewing machine, the simple project I was making for George has grown, it will be finished by Sunday, I just hope it looks as good as I see it in my mind. 


  1. It may not be perfect but it is perfectly lovely!

  2. It's just beautiful, Marlene. I wonder how many hours of work you've put into it? The flying bird idea is genius and looks like it was always meant to be there. X

  3. It really is lovely, well done.

  4. I love the way you used silver thread to make the snow sparkle and the birds to hide the needle mark. The cushion is gorgeous :) xx

  5. Great idea stitching the extra birds, it looks great!

  6. Its absolutely beautiful. The extra bird looks like its meant to be. Brilliant.

  7. Beautiful. There are times I purposely make a mistake in my stitching as there was only one perfect being in this world.

    God bless.

  8. It's beautiful, such a lovely design. I don't think the little mishap matters one bit, it's the stitching which takes centre stage. It must feel good to have a long standing project finished, I know myself that when I stop working on something it starts shouting at me that it's sitting there unfinished.



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