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Friday, 6 November 2020

November Garden.

Cyclamen are looking good, I have loads of these around the garden, only a couple of plants are new this year, all the other have come back, such good value in plants. 
The begonia's are hanging in there, these stay in these raised pots all winter, there are cyclamen in the same pots, but as yet we can't see them. The raised soil level in these chimneys drain well, so tender plants survive our winters, which are also mild. 
Behind my small fence is my shady pots, these are full of buds, it's a shame we can't see them from the house, they do look good, I have snowdrops planted in here as well. I am thinking of taking away the pots next summer and planting straight into the ground, in hope some of the plants grow through. 
The side bed is empty, the water butt is sorted, I have also moved my wormery, I have replanted my big daisy at the front end of the bed. We have decided to get some dogwood for beside the water butt, good winter colour and it will shield some of the butt. 
Wormery now lives next to the greenhouse, in front of the raised bed, the watering can is there to catch the worm juice, this was another scruffy part of the garden. I'm not sure if the stand with my succulents will stay in front of the huge rhubarb pot, it's a case of watch and see. 
Winter has arrived in our garden, after a couple of dry days we have covered the wooden table an chairs, there is no room for them in our garage. We have packed away the canvas roof from the pergola, as yet we have not heard from planning department, but it was always our plan only to have canvas roof on in summer months. The small green metal set stays out all year. 

We have had loads of dry sunny but cold days, enough to allow us to do the final winter tidy outside, we both enjoy being outside together, the patio doors have been open alot after all the visitors earlier this week. The garden is looking really good, the wild birds are down all through the day feeding from the Magnolia tree, we have almost stopped the squirrels coming in, they destroy so much, we now only put sunflower seeds in the feeders, the small birds love them, and the starlings aren't interested. 

I have ordered a dogwood plant online, hopefully it will be here soon, I will be able to plant it straight into the garden. I am at the point where there is nothing to do in the garden, everywhere is sorted, I have no space left, next year I will only have space for limited bedding plants, I have planted 2 more Salvia hotlips around the 2nd yellow rose bush, I did take a couple more cuttings just incase any of the plants fail over winter. 

It's a good feeling when everywhere is as I want it, not sure how I'm going to get my gardening fix next year, maybe I should suggest I start using the garage roof, I could pop veg in pots and grow up there, can you imagine what hubby would say. 

Maggie thanks for sharing your good news in comments on my last post, everyone loves planning a wedding, can't wait to see photos.


  1. Haha, I've heard you say you've nothing to do in the garden before, we'll see. You do have it lovely but when gardening is something you love you always want to be tinkering with something.

    1. Yes as I wrote that statement, loads few before my eyes. Hubby totally agrees with you, there will be more.

  2. I've never had much luck with cyclamen...had some which flowered well last year but no sign of them this year :(

  3. I love to see other people's gardens throughout the year. It's been lovely seeing your progress through the seasons. Like Sooze, I just can't grow cyclamen. It's one of the few things that just hates my garden.

  4. I so envy people that have a green thumb like you do. I wish we could have a winter garden... But our prairie weather and knee deep snowdrifts at the best of time, means that I can just grow a few things indoors.

    Love cyclamen but have never tried to grow it.

    God bless.

  5. Cyclamen do well in our climate and return year after year. I think it would be great to be able to move your garden around all the time - a bonus of being mostly in pots. It is as good as moving furniture around in a room!

  6. I always enjoy seeing Cyclamen in the garden ...

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  7. You still have plenty of colour and variety in the garden. Looking good.



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