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Monday, 16 November 2020

Christmas cards

I've been playing with cards, I prefer the blue card design, I do love snowflakes, this is just the start, I do like to make the base the same, and then add different homemade toppers so no two cards match. The red card is not good enough to use, I made a few slip ups which render the card scruffy.
Last year, I purchased this book of scrapbook papers at half price on a weekend where the site had a limited postage charge, I also purchased more coloured card, they are not Christmas papers, but they can be used for Christmas cards. So even with the postage added on, these were still a great bargain. 
I also found these cards, made in 2010, I added a round sticker over the date, each card has inserts inside, in 2010 I had Christmas decoupage on the front, Some of the card have from Portchester instead of The Jones's.

I make less cards each year, back in 2010 when the printed cards were made, I would make over 100 cards, so the bulk we made the same, these days I will make about 50. I still purchase cards for special people, I have already got them for this year. I will still make a few special ones, my sister loves a hand made card, so I always make one just for her. I have everything I require in my stash, Die cutters, adhesive, lots of peel offs, the inserts I print as needed, I have saved templates on my computer.  

It's just a case of settling down and thinking until a design comes together. I like to post my cards in early December, so now is a perfect time to get them done. 



  1. Lovely cards Marlene, I can't see anything wrong with the red one but we're always harder on ourselves aren't we? I made a start on a new design for mine, got a rough outline done on scrap paper, it's ok but my heart's just not in it at the moment.

  2. Lovely cards. I will have to buy cards for family soon but not looking forward to browsing round card shops. I wish I had the patience or skill to make home made cards like you do.

  3. Those cards are so lovely.

    God bless.

  4. I love the poinsettia one. 50 cards wow! You really have to be in the mood for any kind of crafting. I have already bought some special ones. I have an embossed plate for a winter scene I haven't used yet, I must have a practice.

  5. I don't make cards anymore but really value the home made ones sent to me.. I do some watercolour painted flower ones, as note lets which my friends get through the year. I like the embossed one.

  6. I adore receiving a handmade card but have never got into making them myself. You are very creative :)

  7. I actually purchased a few second class Christmas stamps the other day ...
    Both of your cards look very nice in your photograph.

    All the best Jan

  8. What beautiful cards you are making! I have enjoyed seeing your needlework on some of your other posts too! You are a creative and talented lady!



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