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Thursday, 5 November 2020

Day 1, round 2

I have done the correct body length, so I thought I would start the sleeve for Will's jacket, I'm knitting this on the round, I started with a set of DPN's and then when enough stitches I am using my sock circular needles. I am enjoying this design, and  looking forward to very little stitching together. 
I want to knit some textured colourful balls for George, just simple shape, I added the colours myself, I have different yarns to use, so they should all be different. This is yarn left over from Will's scarf.
I am super pleased with this glass fusion, firstly I manage to add the small top glass ring, so this ornament can be hung on a Christmas tree, secondly I saw this design and wanted to try, W for Will. Sadly I made a second one G for George, which shattered in my kiln, I know why it shattered, an error of mine. I have placed an order for more of these large disc and the small rings. For my own reference I fused this for 8 minutes, plus another 2 minutes. 
Our Magnolia has had a big trim, I do love this tree, I was a bit shocked to see all the leaves gone, but our tree surgeon knows what he is doing. On the plus side, less leaves to pick up in the next few weeks. 
Monday we had the tree surgeon in the morning, I spent a couple hours in the garden cutting back other plants, they left me a big tub of shredded tree, which I have popped over my raspberry bed, should do the soil loads of good. Later a friend popped in, we won't see each other now until after lockdown, we shared a lovely chat together.

Tuesday after loads of heavy rain, we woke up to a sunny cold morning, towels were quickly washed and on the line, at 11am a few of our sign class friends popped in for a coffee and cake (hubby made rich chocolate), just 5 of us, including hubby, enjoyed our last meet for a while. 

Wednesday, we had George whilst Will went swimming, daughter and Will came back and spent the rest of the day together, again just 5 of us, we won't see them until December. It was a fun day, but along with sadness, as we will miss this little family the most. We celebrated George 1st tooth coming through, he is a year old later this month, sadly another thing we will miss. 

So today is 1st day of second lockdown, we have not been out much this year, so it should not make too much difference to us, I plan to craft my way through it. We did not do a last minute shop, there is nothing we need, egg, milk and fresh things we will get from our local Co-op. Next week we have a fruit, veg and packaging free shop is opening in the village, we are excited and prepared to pay a bit more and use the shop as much as we can. 

I am not watching too much news, with USA elections filling so much time and all the negatives around the virus, both are important, but both are dragged out, has anyone any good news? 

Stay safe, follow the rules, or we are going to have a long hard winter. 



  1. The cardigan looks great, I've tried a circular needle on my first attempt at knitting socks. I'm doing something wrong as it really hurt my fingers. I tried double ended straight pins too, no joy. I'm jealous of your skill and your glass work, beautiful.

  2. It was the same for me, circular needle hurt my hand, DPNs annoying, but I kept at both and now I get on well, neither are my favourite, but anything which stops me having to sew together is good.

  3. I like the denim colour of Will's jacket, and George will love his rainbow balls.

  4. you've made great progress with the cardigan. I hate sewing up too, knitting seamless is great. No panic food buying here either, i'll do my normal shop at the weekend.
    Well I've got some good news, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend booked their wedding yesterday :-) It's not happening until 2022 but something to look forward too and hopefully all this Covid thing will be behind us by then.
    Keep safe.

  5. Pretty eye-catching yarn ball...so neat. I am sure George will love it and it looks just the right size and easy for him to grasp. Impressive glass work...beautiful blue sparkle and the initial is clear to see. It will definitely look lovely hanging on the Christmas tree. Thank you for calling in and leaving your comments on my latest post. Keep well Amanda :-)

  6. I am also wishing for some good news to be on our screens, something positive and uplifting that can make the day feel better. As it is, I have stopped watching a lot of TV lately and switched back to my old DVD comedies. At least that way I have something to laugh at. Take care, Mxx

  7. The ball you've photographed is so colourful.

    All the best Jan



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