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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I have finished some thing

My quickie is finished, and I am very pleased with it. not sure what I will do with it now.
I have added my name and the date.

I wanted to show you a sight which keeps me happy forever, I have a sewing cabinet next to my chair in the sitting room, in here is my sewing stash, no patterns just silks and canvas.

I do buy kits, but prefer to have patterns and buy my silks, thus giving me a huge stash of colours, I always buy DMC, only because my local shop supplies this range. I keep them in number order, and will replace any colours I use regularly. I increase the colours by purchasing for new patterns, but I have been known to look at the silks in the shop and buy colours I like. I use a fine aider or even weave, at the moment I have 32dpi. So if I buy a kit I always change the canvas for a smaller count.

Yesterday I made a cake, so what you say, I have not baked in ages and enjoyed it. It's a french style lemon cake and is very moist. I did cheat and use a packet mix. Since we moved I have gotten rid of all my baking tins and have brought funky silicon one's all in bright colours, We enjoyed a slice with our coffee last night.

Today I want to do some more on my cushion front,
but I am going to do some sewing also, it is very nice to have time to do things.

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  1. What is this pattern? Where can I find it? I just LOVE IT :0}



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