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Friday, 6 November 2015

A big post

This is what I think I should see when I look in the mirror
My 1st ever photo, taken in black and white
the colour is painted on afterwards, very expensive
I was rather ill as a baby and my parents thought I would not make it
Before I started school
a rare family photo
I'm sat on the chair
This is one of my favorite photos
I've got the long hair
Sweet 15 at Stonehenge
mid 80's here, my late 20's
Fliss and Su 1986
None of these photo's are new on here, I don't have many family photo's, my parents did not own a camera, and what few photo's we had have been spread around the family, I have more now, we scan and share photo's between us.
I'm in a reflective mood, this week I celebrate my 60th birthday, I can't believe my age, I don't feel any different than my 30's or 40's or even 50's. I have got more wrinkles, but they show a full life, a whole lot of extra weight, and loads of memories.

2010 Marwell Zoo
 I have a lovely husband, we are happy together and we work well together, I'm very proud of our 4 children (2 sons for Kev and my 2 daughters), smashing grandsons, they are perfection to both of us. Life is good, we are not rich. I still have dreams, some I know will never happen. I have a few silly things I would like to do, just because they are there and I can.
But then at 60 I am still young enough to plan and enjoy this wonderful world we inhabit, and be surprised at what our kids are doing.


  1. I wouldnt have believed you are 60, you have aged very well, you dont seem to have changed much visualy over the years, Happy 60th I hope you celebrate with gusto :-)

  2. Happy Birthday. Love the drawing, and the photos, We are the same age! My 60 next year!
    Julie xxxx

  3. Happy Happy Birthday lovely xxxyour photos are all beautiful X

  4. What a thought provoking post......I love your honesty.

    I am a little bit older than you. I am fortunate that age does not bother me. I cherish each and every day. I have sadly lost friends and relatives.....some have only been in their thirties when they have passed away. Life is for living.

    You have wonderful family around you and a good life.......enjoy it my friend, age is but a number, it is how we feel that is important.
    By the way, you have earned your wrinkles, as have I :)

    Love the family photographs, thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Happy birthday Marlene, it sounds like you have a wonderful life. It's my birthday too and I'm also happy with my life and my lovely husband.

  6. Go girl - 60 is the new 40. Remember the swinging 60s? They're here again. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

  7. Many happy returns, I hope you have a lovely day and some wonderful celebrations. Photos are lovely to have but you really only need memories, you don't need a photo to capture those.

  8. Happy Birthday Marlene, hope it's a good one. Looking back can help us appreciate the present I think sometimes. In lots of ways we have it so much easier these days, what with technology and cheap food. It was a lot harder for our parents. I hope you have a lovely birthday. It's good to have dreams.

  9. The pictures were fun . . . love your wedding outfit, and the outfits the girls wore.

    I think, with every birthday, I become more reflctive. I think of people I have known who were my aga and they always seemed so much older, when I was so much younger :(

  10. I hope that your day was good, I think back to when my granny was my age and she was regarded as being an old woman, my mother was thought to be "getting on a bit" and I feel as young as I did 20 years ago, just a bit slower. Better nutrition, education and healthcare has helped us all to stay young for longer. The photos are lovely, I have albums full and really ought to have a sort through.

  11. What a lovely post, and great photos. Wishing you a fabulous birthday full of the things you love xx

  12. I have my "last" picture taken when I was four and expected to die. Even with all the retouching, my lips are still greyish and my face very pale.

  13. Sending Happy Special Birthday wishes to you, hope you have a lovely day.



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