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Wednesday, 2 November 2022

New start

I wanted to knit on Sunday evening, so I have started these socks for SIL, he loves bright colours, I am hoping I have enough of the orange mixture yarn, I am not using the big grey blocks , so each time I get to the grey, I am winding it on a small ball and re-joining when the orange is back. I will keep the grey and once I have finished the first sock, I will weigh the waste grey and deduct it from the weight of the remaining yarn, which will tell me if I have enough to knit the second sock. If not I will have to rethink the design. 
I have finished the three designs, so nothing is outstanding, I do love the blue and white design, I made a small rug for a friends dolls house years ago, I am glad to have included it on this piece. I am filling in a gap, I have not decided if I will take it right over to the purple flowers. 

I should have been sewing in all the ends for both my recent finished pairs of socks, I do hate sewing in the ends, but I also love colourful warm socks in the winter. Once I get started it's an easy task to do. I have started reading a book, a new to me author.

I am chasing Wowcher for a full refund on my garden storage, delivery date has long passed, so they have broken their contract, the vendor is not answering emails, I have asked for a refund including the postage fee I paid. I have also sold some of my glass bits, I popped some for sale, got into a conversation with a lady and she purchased everything  I had, so I will put a credit on my stash list.

I still have to sort my greenhouse, move a few things around, it's getting full in there with all my tender plants sheltering for the cooler months. I have packed all my garden decorations away, Most were my birds on the shelf along our nice neighbours fence. I always pop them away, it helps them last longer. 

Nothing much is happening here, we had a very quiet Sunday, watched TV in the evening, this time of year there are more programmes we both want to watch. I am still not reading much, but that will change as we get less daylight for my crafting. I am planning to get my sewing machine out, I have loads to make, my back has not given me any issues for almost two weeks. My hand is much better, my bruising has gone down, I have just one spot near a bone which aches. 

Monday was a day at home, we had heavy rain in the afternoon, we shut both doors on the rooms in the front of the house, and did not get anyone trick or treating. I can hear them in my head, not that house an old couple lives there, ha ha. We watched a Netflix movie The Good Nurse with Eddie Redmayne, brilliant film. The night brought wind and rain, much stronger than expected, but no damage to the garden.
We went out for lunch on Tuesday, to celebrate a friends birthday, just in a local pub, we then got hubbies new glasses, he has gone from needing reading glasses to having to wear them all the time, he got two pairs on a deal. We did pop into other shops, just a quick look around whilst in town, I picked up a couple things to add to Christmas gifts. We again used our bus passes, and are lucky we are between two large cities, so buses are regularly coming past. 


  1. I like the colours on the socks. Your stitching is coming on a treat, it will look so fabulous when done.

  2. The rain has been wild hasn't it. Yous sock is looking glorious! And what a pain about your garden storage, so annoying when that kind of thing happens.

  3. I like the colours in the new socks for SIL.

    We've had quite a lot of rain and strong winds too.

    All the best Jan

  4. Love the sock colours. Your SIL is going to love them. You are such a fast cross stitcher; I love your work.

    God Bless.

  5. That is definitely a labour of love, winding yarn off and rejoining, all those ends to sew in when you've finished. Worth the effort to get what you want though, and I'm sure the grey will be useful elsewhere. I haven't watched The Good Nurse yet but I've got it earmarked to watch when I'm up to date with everything else.



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