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Tuesday, 8 November 2022


 Hubby gave me this lovely book for my birthday yesterday, he had purchased it as a Christmas gift, but had no idea what to give me for my birthday and ran out of time. I understand his pain as I would not be able to say what I wanted, I do love Adam Frost and prefer him over Monty.

Hubby took me out for a meal at lunchtime, we went to the same venue as daughter took us recently, this time it was raining the whole time, we sat in a window seat, warm and dry, I do like to watch the sea on a rough day.

I've had a brilliant birthday, daughter got me Alan Rickman's book, taken from his diaries after he died, she popped in on Sunday with Will, now he is at school we don't see him so much, so it was fun to spend time with just him and mummy, he is growing up far to quickly. I also was given a nice bottle of wine, a poppy bird feeder, flowers and some money. Later today I'm out with sign group to a lovely garden centre, we will stop for coffee and cake. On Thursday I am having lunch with a couple of ex workmates, we try and get together a few times each year.

On Friday I will be getting treatment for my back, it can't come soon enough,  I can then rest over the weekend., I have a special project to work on Sunday, hubby is out all day.

So tell me how quickly has it taken me to reach 67 years old, my goodness what a number, only seams like yesterday we were raising our family now we watch our children raising their own children. The years rush by, soon it will be 2023, I'm not wishing time away, time just flies. The number of my age does not reflect who I am, it just seams so weird when I think of my age. Looking back we are much younger in our outlook than our parents, my mum did loads more in her later life, my dad loved to stay at home and mum was happy to be with him, after he passed away, she did so much more, going abroad and travelling when she could.


  1. Belated birthday wishes to you xx

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Marlene. The view from the Cafe looks lovely. I find there's very little I want as I get older. I'm happy with a bottle of gin and some chocolates these days.

  3. Happy birthday, Marlene, books as gifts are wonderful! Enjoy!
    Good luck with the back treatment on Friday. I do hope it helps you. I'm still suffering in silence 😪

  4. I'm glad you had a happy birthday Marlene :)
    I also wonder where those years have gone but I know each one has been filled with memories. Mxx

  5. Belated happy birthday wishes.

    All the best Jan

  6. What lovely gifts for your birthday. Especially getting to spend time with Will and your daughter. Special memories.

    God bless.

  7. Happy belated birthday! Good luck with your back treatment

  8. Belated birthday wishes to you. A lovely day by the sounds of it - a lovely week! I remember my Nanna telling me not to wish my life away as it goes by so fast. Strange how untrue that sounds when you are growing up but now it is reality!



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