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Sunday, 13 November 2022


 I was given this beautiful glass pot, it's made to look just like a thimble, and I love it, I don't think I will use it as a plant pot, it needs the light to shine through it. Things should be useful or beautiful,  I can live with not having a use for this, I'm leaving near my desk so I can look at it often.

I treated myself to a white Amaryllis from Lidl this week, I have 5 bulbs in my greenhouse, but I can only get leaves to regrow, I adore these big blooms and often find these cheaper ones grow better than expensive ones from the garden centre. It's in the usual place next to TV stand, I will leave plastic cover on for a week, to allow the bulb to acclimatise.

My sewing is still making me very happy, after I had my 1st treatment on my back, I needed to sit and rest, I had a restful Saturday, so I've done loads, the navy band down the left was super easy to stitch, the orange flowers became repetitive and quick, I shall place 3 here.

I walked through our park on Friday, there are three rose beds all full of blooms, but here around the bandstand is best, roses in mid November, it's crazy. We are so very lucky our parks department can keep everywhere looking so good. In the garden my Salvia hot lips are still full of blooms, my Begonias are hanging in, once the frost starts they will disappear. 

George and Molly are both much better, they both had the same nasty bug, George's neck is still swollen, daughter will decide tomorrow if he needs to go back to hospital, because of his medical issues he is able to be taken back to the children's ward and avoid A&E after any admission, I have everything crossed it starts to disappear.

Friday and Saturday nights, yet again more fireworks, just as loud as the others, poor Grace was not happy, Purdy was not at all bothered.

My back was very sore Friday afternoon and most of Saturday,  I have a trapped nerve and also need some work on my lower back, but she feels sure it can be cured. I am paying for my treatments, I feel it would take too long to be referred through NHS. I really am fed up not being able to do things, hubby is very supportive and will do everything, but I dislike being sat around so much, luckily my stitching helps pass the time. I did start reading The Locked Room by Elly Griffiths, I find some of her books good, others very slow this was a slow start and by page 80 it had not gripped me.

Today hubby is out, so a lovely day at home, I have a couple of small things to do, mainly if weather allows, either way it's going to be a pleasant restful day. Happily it has stopped raining for a few days, the ground is saturated, but there is nothing much to do in the garden, I don't cut back the flower stalks, leaving them for the bugs. I have emptied two buckets both filled with rain water, it's crazy just how much rain has fallen.


  1. What a coincidence, my son bought me this for my Birthday as he knows how much I love sewing. Mine isn't glass though it is silver.

  2. I'm glad the children are improving. Love your new vase and I can imagine how pretty it is with the light shining through it :)

  3. Your local park looks a nice place to walk.
    So pleased to read that George and Molly have improved, there always seem to be nasty bugs and viruses around at this time of year.

    All the best Jan

  4. So happy to read that your grandchildren are doing better.

    Wow, roses in November, what a treat.

    God bless.

  5. The vase is beautiful. No wonder you want it on your table to just look at. Lovely with the light shining through it.
    Hope George and Molly will be better very soon and that the treatment on your back will make a big difference and help you to move around more easily.

  6. Glad to hear you are getting some treatment for your back. I hope it improves soon. I need to buy an amaryllis at some point. I too usually buy them from Lidl.

  7. I hope your grandchildren are feeling better, it's such a worry when they are ill, and I think you worry even more as you get older, I'm sure I didn't fret so much when the girls were younger as I do over the grandchildren. I almost bought an amaryllis from Lidl last week but I have nowhere to put one really.



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