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Saturday, 26 November 2022

1 step forward 2 back

It's almost gone, I've removed the black, the centre 4 motifs and other bits, I still have a bit more unpicking to do, my fingers were sore and I was getting frustrated, a dangerous place to be, one mistake and the canvas can be cut. Those perfectly formed little crosses look lovely, but are a nightmare to unpick, I use the point of my needle, just pulling stitch by stitch. I will start restitching with the red and put every thing right, then add the black and other colours, I will finish with the bits I did not stitch before. 2 hours frustrating work, once I have restitched the stains from the threads won't notice.
Another book finished, another new author, book 81 read this year, I was a bit dubious as it's a story about a hen party, each chapter from a different person, building the story twisting its way to the promised ending. Which delivered maybe a bit too neatly with the happy ever after. Nevertheless a good read.
My sister in law gave me some books, most of them follow the same detective Jane Rizzoli based in Boston. I have not read this author before she is not to explicit in the murders, which I like, a good plot, this is the first book in a set. Book 82 read this year.
I purchased just one item whilst away, in Fenwicks I found this lovely tree in three sections, the lower two sections each have a candle in, I do love to have candles around Christmas time, afterwards I can use it for storing things in, probably sweets for when the children visit.

We did loads of reading in the evenings whilst away, including Thursday after our drive home, both were tired, so early night.

I was pleased to have a treatment on my back on Friday,  it was aching on Tuesday  and was worse on Wednesday, where I did over 10,000 steps. We walked to the village, later I checked the greenhouse, watered the pots inside, it was a beautiful sunny dry, not so cold day.

Saturday was a day at home, it was sunny when we got up, but the rain came quickly, not heavy rain, just that horrible cold drizxle, so nothing done in garden. We still have Fushias in bloom by back door, it's a pure joy to see colour at this time of year. I did loads on my cross stitch, it was brilliant to get so much unpicking done, later I started a new knitting project, it will be a gift.

Today is George's birthday party, loads of 3 year olds, it will be nice to see him with his nursery friends. Daughter booked her local Jiggly Wrigglers lady, George loves her, should keep them entertained for a while, his birthday cake is vegan, he is dairy free, should be interesting to see what it taste like. Later we will have a gental evening watching Strickly results and escape to the ch√Ęteau. 


  1. Must have been so frustrating having to do all that unpicking. Never mind, you'll be so much happier with it once it's finished how you want it.

  2. I understand your frustration on having to unpick your cross stitches. I have had to do the same numerous times and I hate it. You will enjoy the finished project though.

    God bless.

  3. Oh what a job, all that unpicking. It will be worth it though, there's nothing worse than finishing a project which you know is wrong, it would niggle you. I hope George enjoyed his party.



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