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Monday, 7 November 2022


This plant Albuca Spiralis Frizzle Sizzle is doing really well, its on my desk infront of a huge sunny window and by our radiator, it does love the sunlight. I love the tiny curls on the tips of each stem, it from the onion family, This plant does not last too long, but I love it when it's looking this good.
Betty had a trim a few weeks ago, her hair is growing well, she lives further from the window in my office, not in direct sunlight. These string of pearls are so easy to grow. I also have a string of hearts, which has grown very long. 
I got this plant in September when my sister was visiting, the cup and saucer was a birthday gift last year, it is part of a set of 3, it's a perfect combination, it sits on my monitor shelf. I don't know the name of this plant it was in the succulent display, I just love the colours of the leaves. 
This Chinese money plant is getting huge and has loads of babies, I really need to repot the mother plant and leave one baby in this head pot. I will pop the others into old small pots and take them to the charity shop. Again this is a very easy plant to grow. 
Last plant shown here in my office is my pineapple plant, it was a baby in a plant purchased a few years ago, its now at the back of the office on a warm internal wall, not in direct sunlight but still bright. It has put on loads of growth since I moved it here. I do have more plants in my office, too many to show here. 
In my sitting room, which is a cooler darker room I have these two tiny pots, Will got me the spaceman, deciding that's a nana pot when he saw it, and we got the man for my air plant together. Both do well in this location, I have very few other real plants in this room. 
My spider plant was getting too big for the kitchen window sill, so I have moved it into the downstairs bathroom, this is a cool room but it does get all the afternoon sun through the big window. Since I moved this plant it has produce a long stem, which will grow babies, I love to see a spider plant with their babies. It has plenty of space here to grow, I will have to remember to turn the plant as it grows to the light and would get lopsided.
My cactus is flowering, it loves this spot on the bathroom window, it's always the first to flower and although the flowers don't last long, there are so many buds, the whole plant will flower for weeks. I have other plants around, but this one is the best. This is one of the few flowering plants I have. 

As you can see inside I mostly like to grow plants which don't flower, I love the leaves shape, texture and different shades of green. I have loads of lovely pots, collected over the years, just recently I have been collecting head pots and other human shapes. I really love my little man pot with the cacti shaped like a brain, shown with the Chinese money plant, he should be used as an egg cup. The need to nurture plants is with me all year, if I lived on my own I would have loads more plants inside, but hubby is not a fan of houseplants, he does have one by his desk, which he loves, but he's happy with just one.

Thank goodness for crafting and reading, I have enough to keep me busy inside when the weather is wet, and it has rained alot in the past few weeks. My back is playing up again and was bad on Friday and Saturday, so I am going for help today, hopefully a local well recomended lady will be able to help me, at not too higher a cost. 

Nothing much is happening here, we spent the weekend at home, inside, it's dark most of the day, the heavy rain does not stop, typical November, it still feels warm inside, the radiators have come on a few early mornings, but never in the day or evening, 19° is working for us, Grace warms my lap every evening. 

We did watch the carnival from Bridgwater, my childhood local town, it's huge happens the 1st Saturday in November, click on the link and be amazed. Grace hates all the fireworks, they have been very noisy this year, one lot started after midnight on Saturday,  idiots and even more on Sunday evening. 


  1. I really love Christmas cactus's, mine are in bud at the moment but haven't flowered yet. I didn't notice the fireworks this year as much as I usually do, though we're in a different house so perhaps that's the reason. Archie used to be terrified of all the bangs but he's rather deaf now and they don't seem to bother him. At least that's one consolation. I do feel for all the animals though, and it wouldn't be so bad if it was just one night but they seem to start in October and carry on well after Bonfire Night.

  2. I don't have many houseplants but my Christmas cactus has lots of buds on it now so I am hoping for lots of flowers.
    Those socks look fab that you are knitting for SIL.
    Enjoy your week and I hope your back improves x

  3. Just to say I hope you've had a nice birthday, Marlene xx

  4. Your houseplants do look good, I especially like the Cactus and the Frizzle Sizzle.

    Hope the local lady can help you with your back.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  5. Your houseplants are lovely and growing well. You definitely have a green thumb.

    God bless.

  6. I love to see how your houseplants are flourishing. I love the quirky pots you grow them in too. They look amazing.



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