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Friday 11 November 2022


 The ends have been sewn in on both pairs of socks, these are both for me, I shall have lovely warm feet this winter. I'm still not completely happy with the paler pair, but I will wear them. I offered to make hubby more pairs, but he does not feel the cold, so he doesn't wear his often.

First sock is done for SIL, I'm happy with the look, I have plenty yarn to do second sock, I did change the design at the toe adding the orange and black stripes to match the top. The orange at the toe is the same colour as the orange top band it just looks different in the photo. I love the dark heel, it helps  balance the colours.


More done on my cushion, this pink section I have changed it should have been horizontal, but here it works better vertical, the green under the purple design was filling a space, but I liked it so much I'm adding another band. The birds I loved sewing, they are part of a design of a Christmas tree, which I have made into another cushion, which sadly is only out a month each year, I spent loads of time deciding if they should be in this design, as they are very different to the other items, in the end my desire to stich them again won out. Resting for 3 days has given me loads of sewing time.

Another great book, it had two different stories, both really interesting, I could not work out how they were joined, it held to the end when everything came together in an unexpected way, a very clever plot. I have read a couple of her books and would willing read more. Book 79 read this year.

Thank you for all my birthday wishes 

It's been a really busy week, loads of time away from the house, Tuesday I was late meeting everyone, I went with my neighbour and her clutch went on her car, I got her to pull over just before it blew up, she insisted it was ok to drive, I wish I had pushed harder to take our car. As the breakdown truck arrived hubby came to get me, we got some bits from the garden centre to finish 2 food hampers for gifts, I also saw a gift idea for hubby to give me. We also went to Homebargains and stocked up on cleaning products, we should not need to shop for cleaning items until the new year.
Tuesday was also sad, we had Molly for a while late afternoon, as daughter was back in hospital with George, he has been poorly again, he went to Doctors and they sent him straight to hospital. 

Wednesday was a day at home, hubby was out in morning so I managed to do some housework and also gave all three Christmas cakes their first drink of brandy. We had friends here for lunch, hubby made a huge slow cooker full of minestrone soup on Monday so he made a fresh loaf and we all enjoyed a lovely homemade lunch, we sat and chatted all afternoon. It was a windy sunny day, got loads of laundry dry on the line. Sadly Molly ended up in A&E with daddy in the evening, she has the same as George, just not as bad, she was checked over and after alot of chat, they sent her home with medication, George stayed another night, he is responding to the medication, but a lump in his throat is not going down, which makes his breathing difficult. 

Thursday I had a lazy morning and then out to lunch with friends, we went to Stokes Bay which is lovely in the summer, not so nice in the rain, its very flat and the wind and rain was relentless. But the company was good, as was the food, we all caught up, loads of photos of grandchildren. By mid afternoon Molly was back in A&E with daddy, mummy was still with George, later in the evening George was allowed to go home with instruction to bring him back to the ward if he deteriorated, happily they are improving. 

Today I am resting ready for my first session with my back, I can't see it being sorted in just one go, I am just hoping I can start to do more things, and be able to pick up and cuddle the grand children again. I have another appointment booked for the doctor to try and sort my kidney issue, I am still getting abnormal blood results. I'm very tired, I can't sleep whilst the little ones are in hospital,  I am worried, George because of his Downs syndrome and Molly because she is so young.


  1. So sorry to read about Molly and George.
    Sending lots of healing and get well wishes for them.

    All the best Jan

    PS I like all the socks here.

  2. I hope Molly and George improve and don't end up in hospital again.

    Lovely socks and the dark heel really sets the colour off well.

    God bless.

  3. I hope the children recover soon. It is always such a worry when they get ill, let alone having to be hospitalized. Best of luck with your back treatment. Hugz Mxx

  4. Sorry to hear that your grandchildren are unwell. It must be very worrying. I hope they start to recover very soon.



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