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Saturday, 19 November 2022

Normal life...almost

I loved this book, I have read another of this authors books and loved it. Imagine a farmer builds 3 luxury homes on part of his land, near his farmhouse and creates a small village (more like a hamlet), years later everyone living there disappears on the same night, nine people, the police could not solve it, so 3 years on one man is hired to find out what happened. I had loads of wrong guesses, some close to the plot, it all came together, no super hero stuff, which I don't like. Book 80 read this year.  
I have finished the sunflowers, I do like the colours a bit different. I have done another design, the colour choices are mine, technically it's not finished, 
but I'm stuck......
I have made a mistake, I am one stitch out and did not notice until I started the small designs, normally I would unpick everything and put it right, but, I just don't feel like it, I've changed one small part of the design to make it work, but I can't stitch the small in-between pattern, and I will see if it starts to irritate me, I can always unpick, but it's over half the design.  
I managed some time in the garage sorting plants, my conifer is now in this lovely metal pot, it blew into our front garden a while ago, no one claimed it. The striped pot which had the conifer in now has the mother plant of my Chinese money plant, the biggest baby is in my face pot and I have 5 smaller plants. I have popped the face pot back in on my desk, all the others are in the greenhouse, if they thrive I will give them away.

I really enjoyed sorting my plants, it did not take long and I made sure I worked at the right height, after I sat and relaxed and rested. After my second treatment on my back, I'm still sore but I'm moving better, with better posture. I have loads of things I would like to do, but they will have to wait.

It's been another quiet week, nothing much happening, its been dry for a couple of days, but much colder. I did have a lovely conversation with an old boss, we bumped into him, it was good to catch up, I really enjoyed work for him.

Today we are spending some time with George and Molly, we will pop over and visit, mummy has been waiting for her garage to provide a curtesy car for over a week, she was promised one within 24 hours of her car going into the garage, they had it last Saturday. She is struggling these past few days as hubby had to work away from home, so she can't have the use of his car.  

We have a busy week coming up, so we are both resting and keeping up with everything. 


  1. I think we have the same taste in books. I loved that one too.

    I hope your back continues to improve and that the soreness goes away xx

  2. Pleased you enjoyed that book.
    Hoping your back continues to improve.

    All the best Jan

  3. Here is hoping your back continues to improve, and I wouldn't have noticed the mistake in your stitching.

    God bless.

  4. I can't see where your mistake is in your needlework. It all looks amazing to me, but I know that if you know it is there it can cause frustration. I hope your daughter gets her courtesy car soon, it seems unfair to promise one and not deliver on it.



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