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Tuesday, 29 November 2022


Just a couple of photos from George's birthday party,  the theme was the film UP, he has Doug the dog with him. The children loved the balloons, there were loads of photos taken here. They also made the room very colourful. 
Birthday cake with mummy and daddy, again it's Doug, it was dairy free, vegan and very tasty, made by the same local lady who makes all their special cakes. George can't have dairy at all.
I decided to keep stitching this section, I would like to get it finished, I have not looked at the unpicked design, I will have a few days break from it, and then when I feel not so frustrated, I will re-stitch everything. I added the gold design which I have already used along the top of this project.
I am hoping it will look as if the design ran behind all the other patterns and has come back into view in the middle, I plan to let it disappear further down and to then have it reappear near the bottom, it can then run until the bottom. A comment was made regarding my colour choices, I know I'm lucky to be able to match colours, I've always been able to do this, my mum taught me well. One major tip for a project like this, once I have used a colour I pop it into my project bag, I try and reuse the same shades as it helps tie the designs together. Only packing the skiens away once it's all finished.
The last thing I should be doing is starting a new knitting project,  I do love this scarf, it's a dream to knit and grows quickly in the beginning. The contrast yarns came from my stash, I purchased 3 x 50grms balls. I still have to finish the second orange sock, just an evenings knitting left to do.
We were shattered on Sunday afternoon,  30 little ones 3 and under, half came from nursery and half from Portsmouth Downs syndrome group, but it was fun, they all looked happy and the lady from Jiggly Wrigglers kept them busy loads of dancing and other interactive music and every type of shaker invented. They sat at one long child height table and ate their birthday meal, each had a box to take home which included balloons, chocolate and a tennis ball, all featured in the film, plus a small colouring book and crayons. Party's are much more expensive than when we did them.

Monday we popped to town on the bus, hubby picked up his new glasses, I popped into TK Max but the fire alarm went off and we all had to leave, all the linked shops were evaluated, we did get back in later. Monday is market day, it wasn't very busy, we got fruit and veg from a stall, the quality was brilliant, it cost a bit more, but everything was loose so we purchased only what we required for the rest of this week. We also got some different bread, 2 small loafs, as hubby and I like different flavours. I can see us popping into town more often on a Monday as both stalls had the quality we love.

No sign group this morning, I have a face to face with my doctor, trying to sort issue with my kidneys. Later our new chairs are arriving, the old two will be collected tonight, they still have some life left in them. I am hoping to do some sewing using my sewing machine, just for a short burst, and finish it tomorrow,  everything else is on the back burner.

I've started listening to Christmas music, I made a play list on Alexa last year so it's fun to listen to all the music we love, and happily for us, no Cliff Richards, sorry I can't stand him. Our decoration boxes are out of the attic, I will pop some out this week, the tree will go up next Wednesday. 

Nothing much happening here, constant rain outside, so all we can do is look at the garden, crafting and reading keeps me going, hubby reads loads and loves to cook and bake in the kitchen. I've given our Christmas cakes their final drink of brandy, next week I will add the marzipan and ice the following week. 


  1. What a lovely birthday party - I bet George was so excited. He is so cute and so is that cake! Both my girl's had a milk allergy from birth but back in the 80's it was hard work providing a dairy free diet for them. Luckily they are more milk tolerant now so it is no longer a big problem for them.

  2. Birthday parties are certainly different now to what we had as children. Sounds like they had fun though.
    Hope your kidney issues get sorted. One of my sons has major kidney disease. It is a worry.

  3. I remember how exhausting childrens' parties can be. Sounds like everyone had a great time. That bunch of balloons looks so colourful, I'd want my photo taken with it.

  4. Lovely photographs from the party, certainly sounds like they all thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Hope your Drs. appointment goes well.

    All the best Jan

  5. George had a lovely party; I was worried those balloons would carry him away. Childrens parties always took a great deal out of me.

    Love the stitching.

    God bless.



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