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Thursday 19 September 2019


I could not walk past this, I have read it's almost impossible to get the pineapple to mature, but if the plant has babies you can nurture them into producing fruits, this plant has 4 babies, so I'm up for a challenge. It will live on my desk, it's a sunny warm spot all year round. 
These bulbs were half price at Homebargains, £1.49 per pack, I will plant the white Alliums in two spots in the garden, I have wanted white Alliums in the garden, the crocus, I will pop into the pots by our main entrance.  
We visited a different garden center, looking for plants to go by our main entrance, the 2 eucalyptus at the back came home with us, after chatting to the gardeners, these are hardy and do not drop their leaves, the pots are a perfect place for them, and if each year I trim them they will stay small, the bonus at £14.99 each, not too expensive. The 2 plants in the front were half price at £2.49 each, it's worth a try to see if they come back next year. 
 I thought it would be nice to have another hanging plant, this maidenhair vine (Muehlenbecia Complexa) is for outside, but I aim to take cuttings and make more plants. Grace was also checking out my purchases. 
I purchased The Testaments, Margaret Atwood, the sequel to the handmaids tale, it was half price at £10 in Asda, our library had a huge list of people wanting to read it, so I would not get it for ages. I really enjoyed this book, very different story than the TV storyline. I am now reading To kill a mockingbird.
This week we went shopping, after our holiday our fridge was empty, so we popped to Asda, we were low on toilet rolls, and I do love the Asda range Shades. We decided to do a big shop and ensure we have loads of store cupboard items, our freezers are still full with meats. We also went to Homebargains, we now have enough to last us into the new year, so if there are any issues in early November due to Brexit (if it happens) we are sorted. I also got the dried fruit and other ingredients for my Christmas cakes.
I wanted to check out leggings for the cooler season and Asda had a full range there, I have loads of navy tops and I had been looking for navy leggings for ages, at £14 they were a great price and thick enough to keep me warm.
We spent some time at a different garden center about 40mins drive from home, it has a good reputation for decent plants, each one we purchased was UK grown, something I am hoping to stick with. It's part of a huge house and grounds, we will go again, but taking our cameras with us and spending time walking around, neither of us will be interested in the house and it's interior.
I am loving the hot sunny days, and not bothered by the cooler mornings and evenings, we have no need to have to heating on, the house is much warmer due the triple glazing we had done this year.
I am crafting in the evenings as well as reading.


  1. I haven't seen a pineapple plant before, it will be interesting to see what happens with the fruit. I planted white Alliums last year but they didn't come up, i'm planting more this time, fingers crossed. I read to Kill a Mocking Bird a few years ago, it's one of those books everyone raves about but if i'm honest i was a bit disappointed, haven't read the other book, or seen The Handmaids Tale.

  2. I've not seen a pineapple plant before other than in a book. Good luck.

  3. That pineapple plant is fantastic. What a fun find. Do you start you start your Christmas cakes this early? I may do a fruitcake this year. They are yummy.

  4. I will bake ours in October, giving them time to rest, have one drink of brandy and mature.

  5. That is a good idea to get the cake ingredients now - I will add that to my to do list for when we get home. I like the eucalyptus plants - so good for flower arrangements too.



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