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Thursday, 30 June 2022

June roundup

I had no intension on purchasing needle felting fibre, but a request was made to me, expensive but it's part of a gift I also got some bits for summer bunting, as yet I've not made them. Garden was a cheaper month, most everything is done. Still a good spend month. 

The next bit is boring just the summery of my half year spending, please skip if not interested. 

Half year figures, on my stash and garden list they are brilliant, less spending on everything, these are the lowers half figures I have had in years, but no major purchases, I hope everything is now done. I have loads of bits for cross stitch, card making and glass fusion, but I don't intend to purchase much for them.
I did spend £197.05 on clothes and shoes, which is higher for me, included in that was a winter coat from M&S, sandals from Clarks, both reduced and loads of underwear. I started recording my clothes spend in 2019, I have never been not replacing clothes and still view I should be wearing what I own.

Our shopping was more expensive at start of month, party food is not cheap, but it did last most of the following week, hubby being ill meant we ate less, so it balanced itself out. Still everywhere is full, just in case. We did another Asda shop, the 10% blue light card was still running. 

I have started harvesting some salad and fruit, which taste better and save money. We have again this month wasted no food, we were eating party food after the jubilee weekend for longer than expected. We are both pleased how we manage our portions and ensure we only cook what we need.

My weight is down, not by much but it's going in the right direction, my steps are where I want them to be, I'm still having a few treats, it's about portion size and getting out and walking. 


  1. I hope your husband has fully recovered now. You do need to have a few treats and if you manage to lose even a little weight then that is good.

  2. I hope your July will be just as good, if not better (no sickness), than June. Mxx

  3. I have been reaching for the smaller plates, and being mindful when using the dinner plates, that the edge rim is for holding onto and not balancing more food onto! x



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