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Friday, 24 June 2022

Social days

First of my library books, it's a sequel, this author normally does stand alone stories, always with the same police officers, so at first I was thrown, thought I had already read it. Another brilliant story, book 50 read this year. 
My lovely daughter said, your new flowers look very real, touch them said I, Oh mum you have fresh flowers, one of my friends gave them to me on Wednesday, I am enjoying them, whilst they last. I have chosen not to have fresh flowers for over two years.

Tuesday was a good morning with sign group, our numbers were much smaller, 2 ladies were isolating, one just had a knee op, the other waiting to have her hip op, one couple were away in their campervan, so only 5 of us, we sat outside in the shade, and in truth very little signing was done. The afternoon was spent sat in shade in our garden with hubby.

Wednesday I had a couple of old friends here for lunch, we sat on our decking in the shade, we all worked together in HMS Nelson in Portsmouth and try to meet up a few times each year. I managed to spray the decking with Pine Sol  which smells lovely and keeps the flies away, it was an very enjoyable few hours. 

Thursday we had Molly and George here and decided to keep them inside, both are fair haired and skinned, daughter went to hairdressers, later I picked up Will from school. It was a dull day, and very muggy, it did try to rain a couple of times. It was planned for daddy to do the childcare, but sadly he was taken ill when in Canada last week, spent 3 days in hospital, and flew back days later and arrived home early Thursday morning. Not a problem we love our grand children, but it did change our plans for a day out. I am working with George to teach him the colours in sign, he is very quick to pick them up and is good at putting signs together, he signed black bird, from his book without prompting, he is saying some words, but the signs help when frustration sets in. 

Today we are popping to Asda, there are a few things we need, and the 10% discount is still running, we have no plans for the afternoon, it's dull and cloudy at the moment,  I expect we will be sat in the shade or inside reading.

So far this week I have kept my steps high, I have ate loads of salads, but there has been treats as well. I have e-mailed requesting to join a yoga class, the start of my doing more. It's been too hot to do much crafting, I have started my felting. 


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. I don't think you can beat fresh flowers, it's the scent which you just don't get unless they're real. What a busy week you've had, I hope your son in law is feeling better now. It's still sunny here, though we're forecast storms this afternoon, typical, all the good weather we've had and it's due to rain the day we're having new carpets fitted!

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous, do like fresh flowers in the house. I hope your son in law is feeling better now, its not nice being ill when you're not at home. It's great the George is picking up sign language, they get to grips with things so much better when they are younger. We were supposed to have rain here today but apart from a quick shower it's fine if a little cooler, I don't mind that. Hope you manage to have a rest at the weekend.

  3. Wow, you have had a busy week. The thought of sitting in a shady garden in the heat of summer sounds awesome :)

  4. Lovely flowers. How great that George is picking up sign language.

    God bless.

  5. My hubby bought me flowers yesterday.A lovely treat.
    Good news about George.Hope your son in law is better soon.



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