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Saturday, 2 July 2022

Garden waste

Beautiful mulch, made in a big black dustbin, I asked hubby to drill holes in the bottom and I put a couple small wire trays in the bottom, this is mainly the shredded tree off-cuts, they have only been in there a few weeks.
We, well hubby cut back both tree's the Magnolia had loads of new growth, all the flower heads have fallen so a good time to do this. He also cut the top of the twisted Willow, we are trying to keep both trees a good size in the garden.
All this lovely green shredded matter has gone into the black bin, I have mixed it up with the other drier matter in the bin. My hope is by early October I will have a good amount of mulch, which I can spread around the garden. The bin will be empty and ready for the leaves falling from both trees, and the circle begins again. 
My last job is to use these pot tops (which were used in my old herb bed,) just normal pots with the bottom cut off. I have 1 bigger ring and 4 smaller ones, I aim to use bits I collect to make bug hotels. Starting with these bigger branches from the willow tree and some old bean canes.

With both the black bin above and the composter working so well, we should not need to purchase anymore compost or mulch this year. I decided to try the dustbin to mulch, I knew you could make mulch using black dustbin bags, so why not a dustbin, I don't have anywhere in the garden not on show, so everything I use needs to look tidy. So far this year, we have put all our garden waste into either compost or mulch, the only items we have to recycle is the pots new plants are sold in, I am talking to our local pet/garden shop in hope they will take back their own pots, as I purchase most of my bedding plants from him.

This is not the pretty section of the garden, but it is a working section, I have ensured it looks tidy, we have not visited the local refuse tip at all this year, everything stays within our garden, we have no 3rd bin for garden waste which the council collects, so therefore we do not have to pay extra for the service.  

Our garden is looking at it's best, with everywhere tidy and productive, it may be a small space, but we have used every bit we can. It's now just a case of keeping it looking good, I'm outside every day, dead-heading and checking, watering when needed, so when we sit outside we both enjoy our view.

I have just had a positive covid test, hubby only has a hint of a second line, we have friends here from Spain, lovely timing. 


  1. Oh no Marlene, what a time to catch it. I hope neither of you has it bad, or suffers with the after effects for a long time.

  2. Oh no. Well I hope you both have a really mild case and can recover quickly.

  3. Sorry to hear you've tested positive for Covid Marlene. My OH also tested positive this week. So far I've been clear, but I need to do another test. Hope you aren't feeling too bad.

  4. Sorry to hear you have covid, what rotton timing with having visitors. I hope you don't feel too bad and are still able to rest despite having a house full. We have a green bin for garden waste which the council collect every two weeks, ours is free.

    1. Our council make you purchase the bin and charges an annual fee to empty them. Then sells the compost once made.

  5. So sorry to read you have Covid, hope you feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  6. Sorry to learn you have tested positive for Covid and I do hope your symptoms remain mild.

  7. Sorry to hear you have both tested positive, but I hope you will soon be over it and able to enjoy spending time with your visitors. Take care, Mxx



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