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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Phew, can it rain now

Our Magnolia tree is now dropping it's seeds so every day I am picking them up, they are pretty, I've never tried to germinate them, I might try this year. 
I got this plant, Kleio Lilac (Spinosa), I purchased 2 last year, and they preformed so well, one survived our mild winter months, this pot is surplus to my needs, but it can stay for the summer, after purchasing this new plant. 
I have finished the simple baby blanket, it's for a girl and using winter shades as baby is due in September, daughter chose the yarn. It was nice to sit and do some simple crafting. I used 4ply and a smaller 2.5 hook, so it is a tighter finish. Now I'm back with my knitting, want to finish my top.

Hubby is slowly getting stronger, we had to consult the doctor as he was being ill longer than expected. I am cooking very simple meals, which suit me as well in this heat. So other than the village, we have not been out, finding shade in the garden, sat watching and listening to the birds. I have analysed the whole of the garden, I can't find a spot or plant I don't love, we have perfection, oh other than 3 fence panels which are falling to bits, her next door won't allow us to replace all three, so they stay falling into her garden, hubby has made our side tidy, when the next storm comes they will be completely broken and blown onto her property as that's the way the wind blows. 

 I am looking at how many pots I have in the garden, I do love pots, but I really should let a few go, I am always wary of passing on big pots, they are so expensive to replace, as I don't use many plastic pots. I only have my huge pots in plastic, this is to help keep the weight lower. We are both chatting on how we can change pots and maybe pop mixed plants in the bigger pots and pack away my smaller pots, I have plenty of room to store them, the herbs are in loads of small terracotta pots. 

So a lovely slow few days in this heat, life is so much better in the slow lane. 


  1. Our entire garden was in huge pots for years...but boy they love it in the ground now they have been set free! x

  2. Such a shame the rotten fence panels let down your beautiful garden, such an awkward neighbour you have.

  3. The garden gives us so much pleasure, doesn't it. We seem to be putting more and more into pots so that they can be moved around as the fancy takes us.
    Glad hubby is feeling a little better. I think it takes us longer to heal as we get older.
    Beautiful blanket Marlene. A bit of crafting is very calming in our mad world x

  4. That blanket does look very nice.

    All the best Jan

  5. Interesting seed pods and i hope you do try to propagate them.

    God bless.

  6. I hope your husband is feeling much better soon. It's frustrating for you that the neighbour won't allow you to replace the fence panels as I know from recent experience just how much of a difference the fence can make to the feel of the garden.



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