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Friday, 10 June 2022

I've started

Grandson Will's teacher is expecting a baby girl due in September, daughter asked me to make a small blanket and choose this yarn, a lovely simple thing to make, the colours do all the hard work. 
I have not done as much as I wanted on this top, I don't have many rows left of this back section, the short cap sleeves are knitted along with the back. I'm loving again the colours in the yarn. 
I was gifted this needle set, they are all longer needles, 2 pairs were missing, one size I had in the correct length, I will look out for the smaller size. I am hoping to knit a baby blanket, I normally crochet blankets. I prefer to knit with old needles, they feel so nice, I have not purchased a new set in years. 
I have just started this book, looking forward to reading the whole story, this is the sequel to The tattooist of Auschwitz.

Another few days of staying at home and doing very little this week, Wednesday it poured with rain all day, all good for the garden, which is looking really colourful. Thursday I did get into the garden for an hour, mainly dead heading flowers and planting some english marigolds, everywhere is sorted, we even sat outside for our morning coffee. We were home all day, I had my hair cut first thing, then the man from British gas came and serviced our boiler. After lunch we had another man here to repair our garage door, the door was always difficult to open, it was a new up and over door fitted a few years ago, one cable snapped, the door was fitted badly, now it works brilliantly, I can open it easily. 

Today I'm home for the morning, then I'm off to daughters to look after her youngest 2 for a couple of days, Will is going to his auntie's house for a sleepover on Saturday night, there is always the chance he won't settle and be back with me. It's easier to stay at their house, they all sleep better in their own beds.  I have craft, my book and plenty to do, both little ones are in bed by 6.30pm, so a lazy evening tonight and tomorrow, they both still nap in the afternoons as well. 

My painkillers have arrived and I have had one good night sleep, I won't take any whilst with the children, but I can catch up on sleep next week. I am feeling much better, just catching up on some sleep is helping. 


  1. The blanket and your top are lovely such nice colours. We gave up with our up and over garage door with the cable snapping and had an electric door fitted a few years ago, I'm much happier with it and the house feels more secure.

  2. Such lovely colours in the blanket.
    Have a lovely weekend looking after your grandchildren.

    All the best Jan

  3. What lovely soft colours in both the blanket and sweater. I am glad your pain killers arrived and you got a good nights sleep.

    God bless.

  4. I hope the children haven't run you ragged this weekend and that Will settled at his auntie's. I read Cilka's Journey a while ago, another heart wrenching story.

  5. I haven't caught up for a while, but you certainly have been busy! I love the colours in the blanket, and I'm sure it will be a treasured gift. My son still has the soft blue blanket I knitted him, as a baby. He bunches it up with his other blankets, when he wants to snuggle. Or he'll wrap his teddies in it. So definitely a worthwhile gift you're making for the new arrival.



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