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Tuesday 14 June 2022

Blooming heaven

After spending a couple of days at daughters house, I do love to come home to our garden, and at this time of year there is so much to see, just some of the blooms out at this time. I am really pleased to see the little lemon drop of a bloom on my little lemon clematis, it's a bush plant rather than a climber, and it's full of buds. 
These 3 plants are all doing well in the greenhouse, each can come out on a table this week, the colours are stunning and should add to the colour already in the garden. 
I have also harvested my 1st cucumber, and the tomatoes won't be long, the smaller tomato plant in the front of the pot has died, don't know why, I might get another plant. My cut and come again lettuce has been feeding us for weeks, I have loads of seedlings in another pot coming along well. 
Fruit is starting to produce, I picked a few raspberries this week, most of my canes are late summer, the strawberries are giving loads each day, the blueberries and blackberries will have some fruit, but I cut both back, so harvest won't be to good. 
I purchased this plant a few years ago, it has not done well, I have had it in a few different pots and in different positions around the garden, it is now tucked by my Olive pot, by the gates, not a great place, but it seams the plants loves this spot and pot, and for the first time I have a flower, the bright pink leaves at the base of the plant. I am so pleased, it can stay here as it grows the colour of the leaves and blooms mean you won't not see it. 

I really did enjoy this book, the subject matter should not be enjoyed, but it's about spirt and the love strangers can have for each other, how to build a family, when yours have been murdered. Book 48 read this year.
Monday morning was bliss, I woke at 5am, and went back to sleep until just after 7am, all three of daughters children are early risers, so I was up at 5.30am both Saturday and Sunday, I do love all of them, they play well together and are basically good children, they understand no, if anyone is going to push their luck it's always George, he is walking well and very quick when he wants something, Molly is standing and almost there with walking, she is just starting to climb, Will at 5 is so kind to his brother and sister, he loves them both and often is sat on the floor playing with them. 

Hubby picked up a nasty tummy bug and was ill most of the weekend, he was very happy to be home alone and hopefully not pass on any bugs, he was still not right on Monday, so after I popped to the village for a few things, we had a day at home, me in the garden most of the time, again I am moving a few pots, the hedge along the back fence is getting big, and I don't have so much space. I did move the blueberry pot over to the edge of the raspberry bed, keeping the fruit together, it was hubby's idea and it works well. But as always, one job turns into multiple jobs, everything is tidy and I'm happy. 

Today is sign class, it's across the road at my friend and neighbours house, so no driving, afterwards it will be time in garden, enjoying this summery weather. 

Thank you for your lovely comments about my sewing, it's a passion I have had all my life, my mum passed it on, I am happiest with craft or reading time, and to have something beautiful at the finish is the bonus. 

My brother Martin called us on Monday, he has tested positive for Covid, he's ok other than the sore throat, but wanted to warn us, as he stayed with us on the Jubilee weekend, so far we are all OK, both had negative test. 


  1. Hope your hubby gets over that tummy bug quickly and your brother recovers quickly from Covid. I'm glad you are both testing negative.

  2. I've tried to grow Chinese Witch Hazel a couple of times in the flower beds, not in a pot, but it's never done well. I wonder if it's the clay soil it doesn't like?

    I do hope your brother only has a mild case and is well again soon.

    1. They need ericaceous soil, so mine stays in pots, like you we have clay.

    2. Ah, that's where I was going wrong. Thanks.

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend with the grandchildren. Up at 5.30am though 😳 I didn't know such a time existed any more 😱
    I hope your hubby and brother both feel better very soon. These bugs and viruses are still doing the rounds sadly.

  4. 5.30am is not a time I see often.

  5. Sounds a great weekend with the grandchildren.
    Sorry to read that your husband and brother have not been well, hope they feel better soon and you remain ok.

    All the best Jan

  6. You have lovely blooms and blossoms. I have never heard of a bush clematis so that interests me and I plan on looking it up online to see if it can be grown here.

    God bless.

  7. Your garden always sounds so delightful. It gives me a feeling of peace to read about it :)

  8. Yes having a garden to enjoy is wonderful and your cross stitch is amazing, Beautifully stitched and such s pretty design.

  9. There's such a lot of colour around at the moment and this sunny weather is sure to bring out even more. I hope you're both still testing negative, fingers crossed.



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