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Wednesday, 8 June 2022


I love Peonies, I now have 3 plants in the garden, I rarely cut flowers from the garden to bring into the house, but I do love cut flowers, I don't get fresh flowers, they become expensive. I got myself a new bunch of silk flowers, I wanted big peony blooms, I was looking for the very simple pale pink ones, these were the closest I could find and they are stunning. Not cheap but they will stay out for weeks and then be packed away for next year, I have a good selection of seasonal flowers.
I have enjoyed doing my cross stitching, I am finding it really relaxing, all the yellow is now done, only a few squares left to stitch. When I started this, it seamed really fine, but quickly my eyes have adjusted to the size and I'm not struggling at all. I have one last big piece at this small DPI left, I am forming a plan to have another mix up design, using the loads of designs I have, which I have never stitched, as always my stash is bigger than it should be.
This was a book of short stories, I'm not normally as fan of short reads, but there were a couple of stories with DI Alan Banks which filled in a few gaps, Book 46 read this year. 
Another great book, I have not read this author before, interesting start to the plot, which stayed excellent the whole way through, it deals with losing your memory, all the bits of your past life which makes you, you! I will add this author to my list. Book 47 read this year. 
I purchased this Albuca Spiralis Frizzle Sizzle back in April last year, it started to look a bit sad, I read online it's a bulb and needs a period of rest, so I tucked it in the greenhouse for the winter, below it's in flower, these photo's were taken a week ago, I thought the blooms might open more, I think this is the full flower form, I have given it a feed and will keep in in the greenhouse for a bit longer. 
A few weeks ago I purchased this Bougainvillea plant, I got it from Lidl's at a great price, once home all the blooms turned papery and fell off, I was not worried, this often happens with plants purchased from supermarkets, the leaves were healthy. I repotted it and again it's coming into bloom, I have it in the greenhouse, but soon I will be able to have it outside for the summer, I have a very sunny spot in mind for it. 

Life here has become very simple, I have done very little, I stupidly ran out of my pain relief tables last Wednesday, and have slept badly every night since, I normally take 2 at bedtime, I have nerve damage in my shoulder from an operation back in 2010, nothing can be done, so the tablets allow me to rest and sleep. 

My brother drove home on Monday morning, he lives 106 miles away in Somerset. Just hubby and myself and a fridge full of food we normally don't eat, laundry was done and dried on Monday.

I did not go to coffee morning with sign ladies on Tuesday, too uncomfortable. I have not done any more cross stich or knitting, I'm too tired to concentrate, but I have started a crochet granny stitch baby blanket, Will's teacher is pregnant and daughter asked me to make one for her. 


  1. I too have run out of my painkillers (like you I only take 2 at night) for my hip and it's been agony the past couple of days. I haven't slept well either so I do empathise. Your garden is so lovely Marlene, must give you so much pleasure.

  2. Your cross stitch is very beautiful. Hope your shoulder is feeling a lot better soon.

  3. How to you keep the silk flowers looking good and free from dust please?

  4. Bougainvillea will drop blossoms all the time, at least mine did. I over wintered mine for around three years and all the leaves would drop off and then come back. I quit bringing it in for the winter as it develops fairly large thorns.

    The cross stitch is just lovely. I do hope you get your pain killers soon and get a good nights sleep.

    God bless.

    God bless.



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