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Sunday, 5 June 2022

Jubilee at home

Back garden with home made bunting.

 Front garden 
We did add balloons and lots of little flags on Sunday for the street party.

Thursday evening there was a beacon lit at our castle grounds, we did not go, a mixture of a tiring day and the walk to the castle and walk home. The whole area was full of people, loads of lovely photo's on our local Facebook page. 

Friday was a lazy day, my brother Martin arrived to stay a few days, hubby cleaned the decking, which was a dirty job, but it does look lovely and clean now. I also moved a couple of plants, which had outgrown the bed they were in, adding mature plants to my newly created bed. We are now ready for our family day after not too much work. 

Saturday we had a family BBQ here all afternoon, the morning was preparing food and seating, after the heavy rain overnight the morning was dull and windy, by lunchtime it had brightened up. Will was taken to a live dinosaur show by mummy and daddy, George and Molly stayed with us, we all enjoyed a fabulous BBQ cooked by hubby. After the children went home, we sat watching programmes including videos of our Queens history. 

Sunday was our street party, we made a platter of sandwiches and nibbles, with cake and a dessert. It stayed dull and all day, the local roads were closed, but sadly very few people participating, we ended up in a neighbours front garden, it was great to catch up, but hardly a street party, we came home early and watched the pageant on TV. Later the heavy rain came, the weather has been so kind, everywhere is green and lush. 

Tonigh a lazy evening, no more Prosecco, I've drink a few glasses, 3 days in a row, it's best I don't weigh myself for a few days. So proud to be British, we celebrate with history and style.  I intend to leave the bunting in the garden up for the summer. As for next week, relax and rest, I'm shattered. 


  1. It's been an amazing few days of celebrations hasn't it.
    We've enjoyed every minute :)

    All the best Jan

  2. I've loved all the celebrations ... it's been amazing. I'm glad you had a lovely time too.

  3. Love the way you have decorated and the way you have celebrated.

    God bless.

  4. It was wonderful to see all the celebrations that went on over the weekend. I'm glad you had great time with family and friends.
    Your bunting looks fantastic Marlene and will look cheery all summer.

  5. It's been a wonderful time of celebration. It rained heavily all morning here yesterday and didn't stop until 2pm and so I didn't go to the party in the park event and it probably didn't go ahead. Such a shame the weather spoils things. Glad you have enjoyed the weekend's events.

  6. Loving all your Jubilee bunting and flags . The live dinosaur show sounds my kind of thing...wow ! Nice to have family round again . I also have a brother Martin ...Martins are very nice 😄Aren't we lucky ! 😄 Daisy Debs



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