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Wednesday 29 June 2022

Last few days of June

Book 51 read this year, I struggled at the start of this story, but quickly it came together, clever story line, 2 different woman on the case, I loved it set in 1960's and in Brighton area, which I know. I have read of few of her books now. 
I have not read this author before, he has written loads of books, it was an interesting read, lots of misdirection, did I enjoy it, yes the story line was clever, But, sadly his style of ensuring his main characters knew everything and was able to guess the next break-in, was a bit to much for me. Book 52 read this year.
My to do list from my last post, another 2 items crossed off, daughter took Mollys finished cushion home on Monday, the felted trifle was finished, just 3 things left, I am thinking of finishing my knitting next. 
 My trifle is done, I had fun, I used so little of the fibres, which was so soft, very different from the fibres I got from Hobbycraft, the Swiss rolls were easy and fun to make, with red fibres for the jelly, yellow for the custard, white swirls on top for cream and red for sliced strawberries. I hope it looks good included in the tea party, it's a birthday gift for a friend, I'm not sure what the recipient will do with it, probably throw it away once we have all gone. 

Sunday was a lazy day at home, it was too dull to walk to the castle as we planned, but we did walk around our park, we had an early afternoon BBQ, and a lazy evening reading, I can't remember the last time we turned on our TV. 

Monday I went with daughter, shopping for Molly's first birthday party, we had coffee out, George was at nursery, Will at school, it was lovely wandering round shops, Monday night was my first yoga class in years, it felt good to be gently stretching and breathing together, it was suggested I ease into a few moves with my damaged left shoulder. I have paid for 6 more classes, and hopefully without any injuries I can continue. 1st step to doing more, thanks Sue, your post gave me the push. It does feel good to be doing new things, in a few weeks I will look for a keep fit class, taking things one step at a time. I also hope to join a local nutrition class, just hoping she gets the numbers to cover her cost. 

I slept well Monday night and ached a bit on Tuesday morning, we went into town, best way to combat aches is to keep moving, did not need much, popped to Wilko's to see what they had reduced in the garden section (nothing I wanted). I also had a sort out and took all our old prescription glasses back to opticians for reuse, they have a charity box. Home for a gentle afternoon, later our visitors arrived, Alba (18) and Paula (16) have come from Spain to visit, plans were changed and they are now with us for 10 days, they were due to stay in London for 4 days, but their mum sadly had to stay at home. So we have both girls to spoil however we want. 

First task today is a supermarket shop, they can both chose what they want to eat, Alba is willing to try everything, Paula is more careful, so she gets to choose, they both eat loads of fruit, fresh foods and fish. 


  1. I really like Jeffrey Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme novels but I get what you're saying about the main characters knowing everything and being able to predict the next moves!

    Well done on the yoga class and good luck with finding a keep fit group. I'm hoping to be able to start Pilates as soon as I've improved my fitness levels a little through the personal training.

  2. Well done on getting back to your Yoga class. I hope it all progresses well. How exciting to have your two young visitors to stay. Enjoy.

  3. You are certainly doing well on your book reading ...
    I visited our local charity shop recently and bought two books, once I've read them I will recycle them back.

    All the best Jan



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