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Sunday, 26 June 2022

Lovely things

I have framed my finished cross stitch, I included the fabric (even-weave) details and the designer and title of piece, I have gifted this to our local haberdashery shop, she does sell most of what you need, I just thought she would like to be able to display a finished item. Sarah the owner was delighted. 
Hubby's new rose has bloomed, I do love the deep red, it is planted in my newly made flower bed, which was the old herb bed, just 4 buds this summer. Behind the transplanted flowers are blooming, I can't remember their name. I am looking for a huge white daisy for the other side. 
These coleus are a love of hubby's, so I was pleased to purchase these locally. 3 plants and loads of shades, they should grow huge and will need bigger pots. For now they are pretty on this table, once they get bigger I will take cuttings, they are very easy to propagate. 
I got this from a local maker, the page is laminated, so when George tries to write his own name, it can be cleaned, for now we will get him matching the letters of his first name, it's a good start for him. It does have his last name on there as well. Simple first steps.

Asda was busy on Friday morning, we got most of what we needed, we did not see many empty spaces on shelves, and we were home by lunch time, it's a medium sized shop over two floors. I did go looking for a couple of tops, but saw nothing I liked, I prefer plain tops, most had a design on. It was dull all day and really windy again, later in the evening we had a heavy downpour, my 3 water buts are all almost full now, which is pleasing. 

Saturday, I was home alone hubby was out until mid-afternoon, I had a lazy start, I have been feeling so tired in the past couple of weeks. Daughter is staying at home, her hubby has Covid, each day they are testing, he is positive and she is negative, hopefully soon they will both be free of it. My brother is finally negative, he still has a bad chest. We both had a negative test on Tuesday. 

I have been trying to finish things off and get a few task done, 
  1. Framing my work was on my list, 
  2. I have to sort the buttons on Molly's round cushion, 
  3. I have my knitting to do, still not finished my back. 
  4. I plan to make my felted trifle this weekend, 
  5. I would like to start making Launa Lupin and some of her friends. 
  6. Oh and my summer bunting. 
So Saturday after doing some housework, I pottered in the garden for a couple if hours, did all the dead-heading, moved a few pots, had a tidy in the greenhouse. It stayed cloudy and blowy, we got the heavy rain about tea time, so water buts will be full, hardly any steps, but I'm OK with it, I have walked loads this week. My list above will get sorted soon. 

You can tell Glastonbury is on and Wimbledon is due to start o tomorrow, it still cloudy and wet here, fingers crossed it clears up today, we were hoping for a BBQ, 


  1. I'm sure Sarah was delighted with your cross stitch. What a lovely generous thing to do.

    1. All the joy is in the stitching, I have made far too many to keep and display, so I get a second joy from the gifting.

  2. My husband used to love coleus as well. Those and African violets were both favourites of his.

  3. What a lovely gesture to gift your beautiful stitching to the haberdashery shop. I'm sure it will have lots of admirers and hopefully inspire people to try something themselves.
    Good luck with your 'to do' list. Mine never seems to get any shorter in fact it grows longer every time I look at it ! At least I always have something to do when I feel the need x

  4. I think that's lovely to give your stitching piece to your local haberdashery shop :)

    I do have a 'to do' list I find them very helpful and it is so good when you cross things off the list!

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  5. Love the framing job, and that rose is such a beautiful colour.

    I like coleus as well.

    God bless.

  6. How lovely to give your finished work to your craft shop, gives others inspirations. I like your idea for a laminated name board, I might borrow that idea for Theo.xcx

  7. Your cross stitch is stunning, I love a rainbow spread of colours.



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