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Thursday, 15 April 2021

Back to nature

My outside table is still giving so much colour, the tulips were a birthday gift last year, how wonderful to enjoy the gift more than once. My begonia which is in a big blue pot is has started shooting, so I'm looking forward to seeing beautiful flowers here all summer. 
My tulips all around the garden have bloomed earlier than expected, I always grow them in pots, the bulbs rot in our heavy clay soil. The bulbs in my last photo here, were again a birthday gift and they have bloomed here for a couple of years, the hyacinth's have bloomed the best this year. 
My Peonies are both growing well, the smaller photo, is mum's plant and my prized thing in the garden. The 2nd was planted last year, it's 'bowl of beauty'. I am super pleased with this corner, I did loads of work here last year and finally things are growing, before it was just a bare corner. My latest Peony, is in a pot in the greenhouse, once the daffs have been allowed to die back, I will plant it in my side garden, all three colours are shades of pink and should look good together. 
I thought my trio of acers, were just 2 plants, but now all the leaves are formed, I do in fact have all 3 in one pot. My much older Acer is about to bust into colour.

This is my acorn, collected and planted with Will, I am hoping I can bonsai it, if it grows too big, I will have to find someone with a huge garden to take it on.  
Greenhouse is looking good, most of these were dug out of the garden last year, soon they will be planted back outside. 
The top level are the plants I purchased, all potted on, in a few weeks they will be huge and strong enough to be in the ground. Lower level I have again planted cornflower and poppy seed, I do want them in my back raised bed. 
Hubby went looking for a new BBQ yesterday, ours's is just too big, once we have our new one, we will pass the old one on, it has a few years useful life. Well, we were in a garden center, and I love the look of this plant, I have wanted one for ages, it's Albuca spiralis, Frizzle Sizzle,  I have read how to keep it looking good, for now it's in my office, but not on my desk. 
Betty is doing well, as is Proff, best name for a plant which looks like a brain, my new succulents also like their pot and place in the warm sun. They all sit well on my desk. 
My thoughts are now on one spot in the garden, the new BBQ will be stored in the garage, so I have an area along the neighbours fence with the low wall. This area has a concrete base, so I can't easily extend the side garden, but I do have a plan to add more flowers and colours, hubby listened to my suggestions, which include a small task for him, it is close to our gates, so I can't go too big, it a case of watch this space. 

The past week has been sunny very cold days, we did have rain overnight Sunday/Monday, which topped up the water butts, I have been watering some of my pots, the dry spell has started early this year, so much for April showers. Loads of laundry dried on the line, plenty of warm time in the greenhouse. It did rain again yesterday, most of the afternoon, so I'm happy with the promise of a couple dry weeks and warmer days. 

Our hairdresser popped in Monday morning, cut my hair and hubbies, his barbers are fully booked, she also does our neighbour across the road, we are all feeling much better. Coffee morning on Tuesday was fun, we walked to the café in village, they had their tables outside, wrapped up warm it was great to catch up with everyone, later a trip to Lidl's, top up shop, life is feeling a bit better this week. Wednesday we had George as the swimming lessons for Will have again started, both boys stayed with us whilst mummy drive daddy to an eye check up, so it was a toy, fun and laughter day. I have been reading, I got a lovely book from our charity shop on Tuesday, an I'm enjoying reading again.

Hubby has his 2nd jab on Saturday, mine is booked for next Wednesday, mine is Astra Zeneca which I'm happy to have, soon we are both sorted, still no plans to go shopping away from our village or the pub, just staying safe at home. 


  1. Your garden is looking beautiful! So much is coming to life. I wish I would hear about my second jab. I'm dying to get it out of the way and move on a bit more.

  2. How did you get your acorn to sprout? I picked one up on my walk one day last fall and I would love to start it.

    God bless.

    1. I just pop them on soil in a pot and leave them, some grow, most don't. the acorn cracks and the roots grow below the surface. This one was left outside for the rain to water it.

  3. Love watching your garden come to life again. Hope your vaccine shots go well. Take care, Mxx



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