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Saturday 12 March 2022

This life

Another image I have shown before, we have cut back on our portion sizes, if we don't keep an eye on things our portions get bigger, so this reminder is brilliant. 

 Another book finished, I enjoyed this duel story line, the modern timeline was within the covid pandemic, which was interesting and different, I always enjoy this authors stories. Book 23 read this year. I am now getting all my books from the library.
We went to The Range on Wednesday, I got these seeds, I always try and grow sweet peas, not with much success, this year I am trying something different. The sunflowers are being grown for George, Will and Molly, to see which one will grow tallest. 
I am still adding to my raised bed, only the begonia's will flower fully this year, I want the bed to be full of colour. These were 3 for £5, a great bargain. 

I popped the portion size guide up, because we are all seeing the huge price increases, every time we shop there are price increases, and we are all trying to ensure we get the best deals we can. Plus I'm back trying to lose the weight which keeps coming back. We try and eat meat and fish free twice a week, we both love a mushroom risotto or a spicy bean goulash type meal, a recipe we use but just leave out the meat. The one thing we always do is purchase our chicken breast from Lidl, we get the family pack with 9 of 10 pieces of meat, before we freeze them in packs of two, we trim them to a smaller size, which often gives us two extra meals. We now get shoulder of lamb, brisket of beef, both joints my mother cooked for her big family, we cook them in the slow cooker, I am glad she is not here to see the cost of these simple cuts, nothing is cheap anymore, any leftovers are turned into hearty soups for lunch.

We popped to town on Thursday, hubby had a problem with his glasses which was quickly fixed, I finally took my emerald ring in for repair, an emerald needs fixing back in place, it's been broken for 18 months, it will be lovely to wear it again. We didn't purchase anything, took the bus into town, so spent very little. It won't be the same when we collect the ring, I have no idea yet what the repair will cost.

I can't watch the news on TV, to much devastation, I read reports online, I can only take in so much, I've not complained about our situation with inflation, and anything missing of the supermarket shelves, it is affecting us all, but it's nothing compared to the horror in Ukraine, I can't forget the sight of a young mother being told her 18 month child had died, I get tears just thinking about her. 


  1. Blogs about our everyday lives pale into insignificance when you think about Ukraine and the horrors they're enduring, I just wish there was more we could do. It's just a case of doing whatever we can to help. Yes, meat is so expensive now. We've always loved brisket, it used to be a cheap meal and so tasty when cooked slowly, but there's no such thing as a cheap meal now. I like the meat from Lidl, it's reasonably priced compared to other supermarkets, and better quality in lots of cases too.

  2. I can't watch the new either, it is devastating and heartbreaking.
    You've got lots of lovely seeds there, your garden will be very colourful !

  3. I'm having to reduce how much I watch and read the news it's heartbreaking.
    It'll be lovely for you to be able to wear your much loved ring again, whatever the cost of the repair it'll be worth it.

  4. Its too much to bear - I was at my Mum in laws and she was saying ( it was a good day dementiawise ) that she had seen an interview with a little girl from Ukraine who said she hoped she didn't die and MIL said she cried and said aloud I hope you don't die either. Then that set me and her off crying again. Good luck with the flowers. I've just harvested some hibiscus seed pods from my two plants - only a few left but Im going to warm some compost on the windowsil and plant them and see!

  5. I love aquilegias, must look in The Range, 3 packs for £5 is a bargain. We actually prefer shoulder of lamb to leg, more fat on it makes it tastier I think. The Ukraine situation has made me realise I have absolutely nothing to complain about, it's had a profound effect on me.

  6. Some Peter May books I like and others are a bit too nasty for me! But I've requested the one you mention as it sounds good.
    As for Ukraine - too awful for words.

  7. We switched our plates to a slightly smaller size which instantly cut down the portion size. I am going to root out my seed packets when we get back home - not even sure what I have in the box but I need to get them sown soon. The weather where we are is still bitterly cold - I hope it warms up a bit soon so I can spend more time in the garden.

  8. I agree, our lives are great compared to those caught up in the awful situation in the Ukraine. I'm hoping to start of some seeds even though I hope to move.

  9. Thank you for the portion sizes. We quite often forget about that really great way of cutting down on expenses, and actually dieting.

    I also agree that our lives are great even with the uptick in costs when compared to what Ukraine is going through.

    God bless.

  10. Like everybody else, I agree that we are so fortunate with what we have and where we live compared to those we see in the news right now. Just awful to see what is happening.
    Hope you are settling in with the new mattress and getting better sleep. The room looks lovely.
    My Amaryllis has finished flowering now but I would love it to flower again next year.
    Happy seed sowing :)

  11. The news is just so awful, Having had a recent declutter we were able to send off some winter coats and clothes via the collection at Theo´s nursery, not much but hopefully very little helps. Good finds on the seed front, I´m sure you will enjoy the riot of colour they produce. xcx

  12. We have so much to be thankful for.

    The situation in Ukraine is terrible, and it is so sad.
    We have a local drop of point nearby that enables people to donate badly needed supplies.

    All the best Jan



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