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Tuesday 15 March 2022

Back home

 I have just finished this strange book, I have not read any books by this author, I'm not sure if I would read another, the plot was different, but it kept me interested to the end, I did spend alot of time thinking about what I was reading. Book 24 read this year.

It's lovely to come home to a garden full of colour, so many buds, just ready to pop, I also noticed raspberry plants in my chimney, I will pop them into the fruit garden bed, one spot is a bit thinner for plants. 
The magnolia tree is coming into the best show of blooms, this tree can be hard work, but for this moment all is forgotten and forgiven, it's always the centre plant in the garden. 
We (well me) I went shopping for the little ones, it started with another bedding set for Will, this one is army camouflage, he loves his batman cover but is always oh! when mummy has it in the laundry, he loves everything about army. Then I saw the dress and top for Molly, it's so pretty, I looked for George, but mummy has just got him loads of new clothes, so I got him a book, with the animals we can Makaton sign each one as we read the book, George loves books. 
These new mugs are so us, hubby is the chef and I am the gardener, I love the style of them, I have pulled out 3 mugs to pass on, we like to have matching mugs. Coming home and having our 1st cup of coffee is always good. 

It's been a wet cold weekend, hubby and I got caught in heavy showers twice, Saturday evening walking home after a meal and Sunday afternoon walking home from my sisters house. We drove to my brothers house in Somerset on a Friday, the traffic was not to bad but the rain was really heavy most of the way. Saturday we popped into the local town near my childhood village, sadly the town centre is very run down, most of the branded shops have gone, we did not stay out long, later we had a meal in village pub, 10 of us, 2 brothers, 3 sisters my niece and a few partners, the menu was very basic, the food and service was good, we were home by 9, really cold and wet. Sunday we spent time with younger sister, had lunch together, then back to brothers house, again cold and wet, even when we get rained on I do love to walk around the village. A lovely lazy evening and another early night. 

We love to visit my family, but it is oh so nice to be home, the drive was good, we always try and avoid driving any distances over a weekend, Fridays can still be busy, but Monday is a great day to drive. We spent the afternoon pottering, sorting laundry, refilling the bird feeders, cuddling cats, just relaxing, we popped to Lidl's for a fresh/fridge shop.

We have added our name to the online list for Ukraine refugees, we would like to use our spare room, we hope an older couple or a lady with a baby, we have everything here to support a baby in the house. We do need to ensure we are not putting ourselves at any risk, but neither of us can just sit and watch, we had a long conversation in the car and agreed we should do more. 


  1. Well done for putting your name forward to house a Ukrainian refugee. That's nice you've had a good weekend with family and I like your mugs, yes good to go away but always nice to return home.

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, it's nice to get away for a couple of days and seeing family too is just the icing on the cake. Good for you for putting your name down to house a refugee, it just isn't the right time for us to do that at the moment, but they need people to help.

  3. Yes the town is a real disappointment now Marlene, it's mostly phone or vape shops. I keep thinking they'll have to revitalise it sooner or later, as there are so many new housing estates going up around the town perimeter. Your magnolia is spectacular, I love the colour.

  4. Your blog is wonderful... thank you. I will gladly come again.
    A warm greeting to you. Viola

  5. I always remember H.E.Bates calling the Magnolia flowers 'Alabaster Chalices' and that is what I think every year when they come out.
    By the way, why are they hard work?

  6. Good for you putting your name forward to house refugees.

    Love those mugs!!

    God bless.

  7. Well done and thank you for putting your name forward to house refugees. I agree that it is very hard to just sit and watch what is happening in the Ukraine.

  8. Love your new mugs, they are brilliant! your magnolia looks fabulous!

  9. Good on you both for putting you name down to help, I have every respect for you doing that.



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