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Thursday 17 March 2022

Somewhere different

We went for a walk on Tuesday morning, about 10 minutes drive from home, this is Port Solent, we do love it here, all the boats are interesting to look at, this marina is full. Sadly most of the shops have closed and its mainly a place to come and eat out. It was a dull grey day, but a gentle walk after such a busy weekend, it does get very busy here at weekends, I do love we are so close to the water front.

 Another book finished, I liked this plot, normally I read the DCI Roy Grace crime thrillers by this author, this book was from the other side, the villain and his victims, I felt it was a bit tongue in cheek, in a funny way. Book 25 read this year. I have been to the library and picked more books. 
This cactus was full of blooms last November, it stays in our down stairs bathroom, again it is blooming, not so many flowers, but stunning colour. 

I've done very little crafting, my sewing machine is out, I have started on the household sewing which needs to be done, I have very little enthusiasm for anything, I am hoping the sunny days arrive and I can go outside in the garden, that should get me going. We are now walking each day, to get our steps up and to get me motivated. 

Wednesday I drove to daughters in afternoon to sit with youngest whilst she picked up Will from school, the rain was heavy and relentless. 

Briony asked why our Magnolia tree can be hard work, everything on the tree grows huge, the buds, flowers, seed head and leaves, the tree is next to our lawn, so everything that drops needs to be picked up, often I am picking up many times each day. The leaves are the hardest job, there are just so many of them, plus each year the tree needs to be cut back, we get professionals in every other year, the following year we cut back the new growth, this is to keep the tree a smaller size, they can grow huge. BUT as I always say, it is a labour of love and the blooms on the tree are stunning. 

At the weekend hubby got wet feet, his shoes have a tiny hole in the sole, he must of stepped on something sharp, and I said to him his jeans are now baggy and makes him look scruffy, so he had a shopping trip, he got new shoes, jeans and a jumper, I was really good and got nothing, as I want nothing. 


  1. Spring is definitely here this weekend Marlene, the perfect time to get you out in the garden! There's a bit of a chilly breeze here right now, but when that drops the sun is already quite warm, with a stunning blue sky.

  2. What a lovely place for a walk. My Christmas cactus bloomed really well at the end of last year, it has the grand sum of one bud on it at the moment, haha.

  3. I've never read Peter James perhaps I will have a look for one of his books in the library on Saturday.. your poor hubby with wet feet, mine's just bought 2 pairs of jeans, which is most unusual as he usually waits till the ones he's wearing is falling off him!

  4. I like Peter James mainly because he writes all about where I live in sussex, I can visualise all the places in my head.
    Thanks for explaining about the Magnolia.

  5. The marina looks a nice place for a walk. I don't think men like shopping for clothes and wait until it's a must.

  6. That looks a nice place to enjoy a walk.

    I think your cactus looks beautiful, it's such a nice colour.

    All the best Jan

  7. The marina looks like a lovely place to walk.
    I have a Christmas cactus and it was overloaded with flowers in December but there are no buds at the moment



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