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Sunday 27 March 2022

Another garden post.

Moving these trio of  acers and giving them a much bigger pot has not caused the plants any issues, this spot is sunny all morning and very sheltered from the wind, I will ask hubby to turn the pot a bit, so the green acer is not at the back. My bigger acer lived in this spot for almost ten years. 
The railings have been cut down, they come in a run of three arches, so hubby cut a fourth arch and attached it, the other two arches we popped to the side, we have to keep the wooden brace clear, both cats use it as a scratching post. Hubby got a new angle grinder which made cutting these a quick simple job. There are railings along the raised bed at the back, this helps soften the composter, and I think looks good as the taller plants grow. I do need to dig this lower bed, it is heavy clay, nothing much survives the winter months, but I am going to try and fill it with colourful bedding plants this summer. 
I have been planting summer bulbs, mainly in my raised bed in hope to have loads of colour, the dahlia which looks like chocolate cosmos, came in 2 bits, so 1 lot of roots went in raised bed the other in big pot by greenhouse, the gladioli went into the side bed in front of garage. The begonias went into my chimneys, which I dug out and put in new compost. 

I got this shrub, Cytisus Praecox Albus, it's a spring flowering shrub, with colour all year round, This is planted in the side garden, near the big pots, this area has been bare for a couple of years, I am hoping this will help fill the spot, I also planted 2 of my pots of daffs, in hope they spread as well. At the back corner I have put forget-me-nots, I love their tiny blooms. 

Thursday daughter came with George and Molly, we walked to the village, George using his walking frame, which got loads of comments he is a nanna magnet, little old ladies love him. Later after coffee and cake at our local bistro, we all played in our back garden all afternoon, so much laughter and fun. 

Friday we decided to pop to shops at other end of town, a quick visit to Dunelm, once sorted I will show you our purchase. Then we popped to Home bargains just for a few things. Lastly we went to a garden centre we love, got more bulbs and a shrub, home for lunch and then afternoon in garden. 

Saturday morning I had a lazy start unfortunately my delivery of pea shingle and compost did not arrive, we have a local guy who delivers every Friday evening, but we made the most of the sunshine, I re-potted all my small plants, they have plenty of time to get huge before planting outside.  We had found another job, one pane of glass has come out of the greenhouse, and 2 are slightly twisted, we need to pop to our neighbours and pick up the broken glass and also order a new pane. Today should be cooler, cloudy and not so nice, I have a few things to do inside. 

My finger has healed, my back feels better and I'm now left with a silly sniff, which drives me crazy. Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes, I have rested in our garden in the warm sunshine, I am feeling calm and good, nothing beats being outside in the garden. I'm not reading so much and doing no craft, but that's OK, I'm feeling really good at the moment, sunny days is always outside. 


  1. It's been nice to have this spell of good weather so that we could get on with some outdoor jobs. It's not quite so sunny here today but it's still bright though the forecast for the week ahead doesn't look quite so good. Glad to hear you're feeling a little better.

  2. You have been very busy, enjoying the lovely wether. Loving your pHrase "nanna - magnet" LOL

  3. I'm glad you are feeling better. The weather has been beautiful and it's so nice to be outside enjoying time spent in the garden.

  4. Looks like UK is hogging all the good weather as we have had nothing but rain,storms and windy muggy days for over two weeks. Your garden is looking particularly lovely and I do like the garden ornaments you have dotted around in different places (previous post images). Glad to hear you are feeling better ... time in the sun and a beautiful garden to contemplate works wonders. Keep well. Amanda x

  5. You have been busy in the garden with all that bulb planting.It will be lovely when they flower. Being outside especially in the warm and sunny weather makes us all feel better. Glad your back has improved x



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