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Friday, 18 February 2022


 Eunice has blown through and done her deed, we no longer have a fence between us and our mad cat woman next door, it's the 3 panels by our house, these being the 3 panels they would not let us replace when we did the bottom half of the fence. Should be fun trying to get these done. Our hardwood garden furniture is under the green cover. 

Very high tide at Portchester castle, this photo from a local photographer, we went nowhere, just too windy, but strangely beautiful blue skies. The biggest gust was off Isle of Wight, the needles, it felt bad enough here. 
We did not get to see Will on his birthday Friday, they also stayed at home. His cake was made by a lady local to me, she delivered the cake to my house for his party on Saturday. Its a small cake and loads of cup cakes, it's just as he requested a police cake with a policeman chasing a robber. 

Eunice has passed us, it's still windy, but not too bad, we only had a couple quick rain storms, so we stayed at home, just a lovely restful day, loads of reading.

My brother was without electricity for a couple of hours, he lives in Somerset, not that close to the shore, he lives nearer the Bristol channel. Everyone else is fine, no problems, most of us no longer work, so no travelling.

I will be at daughters tomorrow early, I will look after Molly whilst Will, George, mummy and daddy go to popular go wild play area, just for 2 hours, the boys won't be worn out but mummy and daddy will. 


  1. Glad you are all o.k. We have similar damage. What a day !

  2. I'm so pleased that Friday is almost over ...
    Goodbye to Eunice!

    Enjoy your weekend, that cake looks great.

    All the best Jan

  3. Glad you're OK Marlene, apart from the fence - I hope you can get that sorted quickly and with no fuss! Your brother was lucky, we have friends in Cannington who we went to yesterday when their power was back on, so I could charge up my phone which was almost dead. Our power (we're nearer the Channel than your brother, as you know) was off for 18 hours, came back on at 03.11 this morning.

  4. I'm glad you are OK and what a shame about the fence. We had flood warnings here and I didn't leave the house at all and we seem to have got off unscathed. That's a wonderful birthday cake, have a good weekend.

  5. I hope you can get the fence fixed with as little fuss as possible. We had damage to a couple of panels but Mick will be able to patch them up. Happy birthday to Will, I hope he has a lovely party, the cake is fabulous. It's Daniel's birthday today too.

  6. Love the cake I am sure Will is delighted. Having a party fence down is a bit of a trial - when it is just your own things it is much easier to sort - once a neighbour is involved it can get complicated!

  7. Aw happy birthday to Will! I love the cake and I'm sure he will too.
    Glad you escaped the worst of the storms, but bad luck about the fence :( She should have let you do it when she had the chance.

  8. I am glad that the damage was just the fence panels.

    What a cute cake. Love it.

    God bless.

  9. Glad you survived. The cake looks great!



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