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Saturday, 30 October 2021


 I've had these 2 pumpkin pots for years, they come out every October, I always place them with this display in my kitchen, not many people get to see this, but it does make me smile, they can have tealights in them, but I don't bother. 

Also in the kitchen my white african violet is in flower again, and in the bathroom I have buds on the cactus. I've had these plants for years, I water them and do nothing else.

I still have fake flowers in the sitting room, I've had this orchid bloom stem for years, I pop it into a real plant, The poinsettia I purchased in January in half price sale online, it was smaller than I expected, but I have added another 3 blooms, they don't match completely, but they look good.  
I am excited about this new growth, I purchased this plant in April and blogged about it here, I am fascinated by leaf form, and loved these curls, I looked up the care as I wanted to have this plant on my desk with my other loved plants. So you can imagine how I felt when it started to die off, more reading to discover it's a bulb and they do die back, so after a rest and then new compost, new shoots. 

This spot on my desk is full, the big spiky plant is a pineapple, I have grown on a baby from a plant I purchased back in September 2019. You can see I still have my lemon sherbet habit, but I don't eat so may, these were purchased last week, and should last another week. 
My latest purchase a tiny orchid, how fantastic is this, again white flowers, its sat on my wooden sewing box next to my chair. It should last for ages as it has loads of closed buds, hubby was kind and said nothing. 

I love to see colour inside, the garden us still looking good, but gaps are forming. The greenhouse is full, but I'm OK with that, as so many plants survive our winters. 

I am busy crafting, still doing loads of french knots, I'm on the last quarter, then a simple case of sewing up. I have cut out Luna Lupin, I hope to make her this weekend, I have loads of fat quarters to use for clothes, for now she only needs one outfit. I'm home alone this weekend, so I don't need to pack things away, and I can get a couple full days of sewing. If I want a change I have my crochet blanket, and a new book to read, I have not picked up a book in ages. I am also trying to decide on my Christmas card design for this year. 

Christmas is on its way, but again this year I feel ahead, we did a shop at the huge Tesco, got most of what we needed, our aim is to stay away from the crowds again this year. 

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post, Will has amazed us all, he is healing well and is back to his normal self, eating mummy out of house and home, he has always had a great appetite. I've missed him and his siblings the past couple of days, it's very quiet here. Our local motorway is closed again this weekend, so no plans to go out, the traffic will be busy through the village. 


  1. Very glad to hear Will´s op went well. Hospitals can be intimidating for us adults and more so to a little lad. It is so good that they eased any hospital anxiety Will may have had. Such a brave ,handsome boy :-) Your plants look very healthy cannot say the same about mine. I as yet haven't had much success with the indoor plants except with the orchids and only because I found the place that they like! Like yourself I am Christmas gift/card making and this year for once I feel I am ahead. Just finishing off a gift for my eldest sister who lives in Devon and will post in November. Keep well. Amanda x

  2. You've got a couple of cheeky looking pumpkins there, no wonder they make you smile. haha

  3. I am very happy to hear how well Will is doing.

    Love that tiny orchid.

    God bless.

  4. I had visited for a while and your last post is lovely, what a very lovely little boy and I hope he is over the hospital treatments now. Your pumpkin pots are fun and your plants are doing well - I love an orchid - I have a friend who has double numbers of them and puts them outside when they finish flowering, they always come back and she gets a display all year round - white ones are the prettiest I think.

  5. So happy to hear that Will is on the mend :) x Also very interested that your Albulca Frizzle is Sizzling again ....mine is still alive but just remains as a bulb in it's pot . It's been in the greenhouse sulking for about three years . It is still green and alive .So now after reading about yours I will try bringing it indoors and see what happens .



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