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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Somerset families

Having fun with grandsons, it was so lovely to meet up with our Taunton boys, and how much have they grown, Logan in the middle is almost as tall as me, but had bent knees to pose for this photo. 
As we were having loads of family time in Somerset, daughter was sending lovely photos of her 3 children, so we could share, we are so lucky to have so many beautiful grandchildren. 

I had some retail, getting a few things for Christmas, and these bulbs, different from my already planted bulbs I passed on a new pots, I have spares here, spring is going to be colourful. I also chose my birthday present from hubby, but they are packed away for a couple of weeks. 
I am very pleased with this bobble tape, it should look good on the finished cushion, it's very much to my friends taste. I just need to stitch the second half. I also got a couple knitting items, no wool. 

We had a night in on Saturday, sister, her partner and my brother Martin, shared a good curry. Sunday my brother cooked a great roast dinner. We did see my younger brother Ivan, but only for a short visit outside, he spent a day with a friend in the week, who now is positive with Covid, he has had a negative result, but we took care, just to be safe.

I visited a great craft center at Martock with sister, Yandles always have a huge selection of artisan items as well as a huge craft area, it's about an hours drive but worth the visit, we also popped to The Range, I've not been in a store for over a year. Hubby and I went to a lovely garden centre near Taunton, Monkton Elm, they always have loads of healthy plants and fully stocked for Christmas.

My garden is still full of colour, after the warm sunny weather of last week, its now cold and wet, thank you for your lovely comments from my last post, I do love begonias, always trailing over the side of 'pots'  they will last until the frost sets in. October is marching on, back home we have turned out heating on, the season is changing. 

This morning we both had taken another test, both negative, I have a bit of a sore throat, which is normal this time of year, so many bugs going around, hubby has booked his 3rd jab, mine is not due yet. 


  1. What lovely photos of all the grandchildren. Monkton Elm is my favourite garden centre around here, must go soon to look at all their Christmas displays. Glad you had a good time here.

    1. We always took mum to Monkton Elm it was her favourite.

  2. Gorgeous photos of your family. They certainly are beautiful children and I like that second photo particularly ... so sweet. Coincidentally. I am a Somerset gal from Minehead. The times I used to cycle from Minehead to Taunton to see my Aunty who lived there. I so miss my home town :-). Amanda x

  3. I grew up in a village just outside Bridgwater, spent loads of time in Watchet as 1st husbands family lived there, it's a lovely area.

  4. You have gorgeous grandchildren. How wonderful that you got to visit and see pictures.

    God bless.

  5. How great you got to spend such quality time with family, and were able to do all that shopping. Hope your sore throat doesn't linger too long. Mxx

  6. Lovely photographs of all the grandchildren.
    Pleased you enjoyed time with your family.

    All the best Jan



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