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Thursday, 28 October 2021

Growing nicely

 I love these french knots, I find it so relaxing, the colours are easy on the eye and the pattern is a great size. I stitch on this most afternoons, just for a couple of hours. 

My mum installed into me the back of my work is as important as the front, tidy stitching always sits flatter. I am able to workout exactly how much I have done, I think I'm two thirds through. 

This crochet blanket is growing, I work on it most evenings. I still have loads of cotton yarn left. I'm very happy to only have the tiny amount of caramel yarn left over. 
I did 2 rows of caramel which should sit lovely in the pale blue. I plan to add a row the lilac in the blue, just trying to mix the shades. 
It's already a nice size. 

I've had a few lovely days, Tuesday and Wednesday, staying at my daughters house, caring for George (23 months) and Molly (16 weeks) both sleep through the night, and both are fun and give loads of cuddles. George still has an early afternoon nap, so I was not on the go all the time. I cheated and took minestrone soup and a fish pie, so I did not have to cook the 1st day. Hubby drove over with our main meal on Wednesday, they were much later leaving the hospital so I stayed another night. 

Sadly everyone has a cough and cold including Molly, I don't know how Will managed to not pick up the germs. It was a very long morning waiting for news after Wills operation, the pre op preparations were not great, but he is only 4 and was very scared and brave. Everything looks to have gone well, he loving loads of ice cream and soft food for a few days, whilst at Great Ormond Street he was given 2 toys for being so brave, I am so proud of him and of course mummy and daddy, its been a hard time for everyone. 

I have nothing planned for the rest of the day, once I get home I can rest and relax. 


  1. Everything is growing nicely.

    God bless.

  2. Get well soon wishes for Wills ! A tough time for all of you . Yes , make some time for you now and put your feet up . Lashing down with rain here ! Love the embroidery , French knots are very therapeutic ! :)

  3. I'm pleased to hear that Will's op went ahead and everything went okay, it's so hard as a parent or grandparent to see them go through things like this, you'll all be glad it's all over with now.



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