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Monday, 4 October 2021


My houseplants started on my desk and in the bathroom, my desk is looking good, I love Bette, her hair is filling out, as the ends get long, I have been  tucking them back, now I'm going to let them grow, she does have a full head of hair.
My desk is looking good, brain has grown, but there is plenty of room, this pot should last. The trio on the sill are growing, the expensive succulent now has babies, bonus for me, this plant was 4x's more than I normally pay. 
These are the other plants in the office, all have grown and are healthy. In order, pineapple, which was a baby off another purchased plant, string of hearts and spider plant, which I managed to save, I over watered it before. 
Bathroom, the pots are the same, but I have replaced the 2 smaller plants, as the previous plants got too big. The big pot was a birthday gift from daughter last year.
Kitchen, my African violet has stopped flowering, which is OK as I've had blooms most of the summer, these Christmas cactus cuttings are doing well here in their permanent place. I still have the mother plant in the greenhouse. 
I am sneaking more plant into our sitting room, I love leafy plants, the only flowers are Orchids, which I am getting loads of blooms. 
My coffee plant has lost loads of its lower leaves, its still a house plant, but I think it needs a bigger pot, I will need to read about its care to keep it healthy. I've had this plant since 2019.
We have always had a fake log burner, we don't use it for heating the room, but we do use the flicker in the cooler months, I always keep plants on here, normally only 2 pots. Will gave me the hedgehog and spaceman pots, he also loves the man with air plant hair, which I replaced last week, I kept the previous one alive for almost 3 years. 

Having plants growing around me is my idea of heaven, hubby puts up with them, he's not keen on houseplants, so I have limited the number I have, I do sneak them in on occasions. As the cooler months are closing in, and time limited in the garden, my house plants are my main focus, along with the succulents and Cacti in my greenhouse. 

It was a truly wet weekend, and with the extra traffic coming through the village, and long waits at petrol stations locally, perfect time to spend at home.  I have finished my sewing Christmas sacks for the grandchildren, photo's next time, they deserve a post of their own, can you tell I'm really pleased with them. I have also done loads of french knots on my friends cushion, I have run out of 3 colours, which I am not able to get local, so an order to Wool warehouse has been placed, the silks were on special, and I also got loads of reduced yarn. 


  1. Your houseplants do look good.

    The weekend was a washout wasn't it.
    Hopefully getting better as the week progresses.

    All the best Jan

  2. What lovely houseplants you have. Hooray for the baby succulents.

    God bless.

    1. Everyone loves free plants, my pineapple was a baby from another plant.

  3. Your pot plants are enchanting. Live plants seem to add a special note to indoor atmosphere, somehow :)

    1. Yes I agree your home always feels better with plants.

  4. Squeee a fellow plantoholic! Have you counted how many in total you have? My Eldest son, just prior to moving out had a quick count of his own collection and had 21 so I was curious to know what I had and nearly fell over - 26 in the house and 22 in the covered back yard. I do, however have to confess a rather growing (pun fully intended) collection of succulents and cacti since he moved into his first home (taking all of his with him)

    1. Just counted 21 plants in the house, not sure how many Succulents and cactus in greenhouse, but that's my space and hubby does not go in there.

    2. I've not counted what succulents I have in my glasshouse but I also have a large selection of my own succulents at work - growing them to get pups to grow on.... I'm curious now...!

  5. I've never been one for houseplants until these last couple of years and now I seem to have acquired a few and I'm enjoying looking after them. I've even nurtured some babies from my spider plant and Eleanor now has two large plants for free. I culled my collection of orchids, they're the only plants I've ever really grown indoors prior to my new collection, and I'm now down to just one. It sent up a new flower spike before the one before had even died, I've never known one do that before, so it hasn't had a rest between blooms.



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