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Friday, 22 October 2021

Craft and books

My latest blog year book,

 2019 is here, in print, I got a really good offer, half price printing, so I went for it, I love these books, I have checked and as normal I have found a couple of small errors, nothing to bother me. This being my 10th book covering the 11 years of my blog, my first 2 years are in one book. I have now got my head around the new systems on the editing site, and it's much easier than before. I am working on 2020, it's strange to read my words as our whole world fell apart because of Covid19. 
Whilst away last weekend I had my crochet to do, it's a simple craft, and easy to pick up and put down, so this is growing. 
I have finished most of the caramel colour, I have enough left for 2 more rounds, I am now going to use the pale blue as a huge block, in which I will add the 2 rows of caramel and a few rows of the lilac. I will then finish off with a block of  the lilac colour. 
I purchased these lovely scissors last weekend, my snips I use at home have very sharp points and I worry carrying them with my work, they will pierce and damage my projects. These are great, easy to open and close and sharp when using them, also handy to have when around the grand children.  
I purchased this book a while ago, I thought I would make her with clothes for a gift, but now I have a grand daughter, Molly, I want to make it for her, I have loads of Peter Rabbit material with tiny print, which would be perfect for clothes. I have everything I require, just a case of getting started. 
It's been a busy week, Tuesday I hosted our sign group here, and did lunch, it was a good morning, we stay and chat for an hour after class, so very social. Wednesday after a later start, it was a wet and windy day,  I had most of day at home, later I popped to daughters to sit with her 3 children whist she has an appointment, I slept over and on Thursday I sat George and Molly, mummy took Will on the early train to London for his pre op appointment at Great Ormond Street, after the huge downpour in the night, it was a sunny day, but I chose to stay inside. 

Today I have my Christmas cake fruit soaking, I will make and bake a cake tomorrow. I will soak a second lot of fruit for a cake to be baked on Sunday, the house is going to smell wonderfully of spices. The garden is calling, a tidy leaf pick up is needed and some time in greenhouse ensuing every plant is good inside.  Later I've been invited to a Halloween party with George and Will, Molly and mummy are going as well, it's another case of the local Portsmouth Downs Syndrome supporting family get togethers. 

This weekend we have no plans, nothing to do, which is good as next week I am at daughters home looking after George and Molly for a couple of days, whilst mummy and daddy are in London with Will, his operation is booked for Wednesday. 


  1. I think I would enjoy making that Rabbit, look forward to your progress with it.

  2. what a dear little rabbit, I am not good at making things like this sadly. I notice you have a signing group - I learned BSL a few years ago as I am partially deaf and thought it may be helpful if it gets any worse! not many people use it around here and in the church environment I have found they favour Makaton :)

    1. I have done 2 levels of Makaton to help with George, he's under 2 but using sign every day, here Makaton is used at children's level.

  3. Your books are such a lovely way of bringing your posts together for future generations to read, something wonderful to pass on. I've got the Luna Lapin book too, and the kit to make her, though sewing is not my forte so I'm not sure when I'll get round to making her, haha. I hope everything goes well for Will, if I remember rightly his op was postponed previously so I hope it all goes ahead this time.

  4. What a great book to have made. I didn't even know such a thing was possible. It will be lovely to pass down the family line.
    Sending hugs for Will on Wednesday, hope all goes well x

  5. The books are a great idea I'm afraid my blogging is too sporadic to do similar but what great keepsakes. I have made bunny's in the past, I'm afraid they are sitting in my loft now but if I ever have a granddaughter I will gift them to her. I'm very impressed that you have got your Christmas cake started already, I haven't made one in years because it never used to get eaten. Enjoy your weekend. x

  6. Your book is a great idea. I'm sure it will be a treasure for future generations to come.
    I hope Will's operation goes alright.
    Hugz, Mxx

  7. Well done on getting your blog book printed.
    Hope Will's operation goes well, sending positive thoughts and good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  8. Love the idea of a book. I hope Will does well with his operation.

    God bless.



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