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Thursday, 14 October 2021

Quiet time

 My main focus has been this project, I find it easier to do in natural daylight, so I try and do some most afternoons. I'm about half way, which I find pleasing, it's crazy, but I love making these french knots. 
In the evenings I am crocheting this blanket, it's a good size, I love the shades they work well together and the cotton thread feeling right on this design. I should be knitting, but I am enjoying simple crafts. 

The yarn balls were getting a bit messy, so I decided to pull the center out and wind into a ball, nice and tidy and much easier to use. I am going to use all this pale caramel then the pale blue finishing with the lilac, the balls are not huge, the thread is thin there is a lot more work to do. 
I've cleaned the house from top to bottom in the past 2 days, soon we are driving to Somerset for a weekend with my brother and sister, staying with my brother. Its been almost 2 years since we last visited. No much planned a day out tomorrow with my sister, her choice of where we are going. Saturday I will visit younger brother, he has another knee injury, so I will love to catch up with him and see how well he is doing. Sunday we are out with our lovely Taunton grandsons mummy and daddy. 

We have fuel and a negative covid test result, friends will come in our home every day to feed our cats. 

We travel down on a Thursday and return on Monday as the roads should have less traffic. 


  1. Have a lovely time Marlene, we've had beautiful weather here for the past few days, let's hope it continues whilst you're here.

  2. Lovely crafts, I do like a good Spring clean and I also do enjoy visiting Somerset .. hope you have time to post about it afterwards :)

  3. Enjoy yourself and safe travelling.

  4. Here is to a lovely break and good weather!

  5. You have a wonderful visit with your family. I hope the weather is wonderful.

    God bless.

  6. Hope your trip goes really well Marlene. Enjoy catching up with all the family :) xx

  7. Have a wonderful trip and weekend.

    All the best Jan

  8. I can imagine how those french knots can be so therapeutic once you get into the rhythm .
    Have a lovely time with your family



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