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Sunday, 17 October 2021

Outside in the sunshine.

There is still plenty of colour in the garden, as this collage shows
Pots are also adding to the show at this time of year. 
This chimney with summer begonia and autumn cyclamen.  
The other chimney in this back section, 
my raised bed is full of tiny flowers.
Under the magnolia tree, more colour. 
By the decking,
 everywhere you look there is colour and lovely views of the garden. 
Even here, where there are loads of pots filled with spring bulbs, there is still colour. 

We are having a beautiful dry sunny week, it's not too cold either, so I have been outside in the garden, not too much to do here, the leaves are still firmly on our magnolia tree, and the cutting back flower beds won't happen until the spring, so it's a case of tidy and water a few pots and top up the bird bath. All my begonias will last until the frost hits, so hopefully a couple more weeks. 

I am missing all the lovely colours in the garden, but loving catching up with family. 


  1. Your garden is looking lovely, it's nice to see so much colour hanging on. I'm glad you're having a good time with your family, we've missed each other so much over the last year or two and family time is even more special than it once was. I hope you're garden is still holding onto all its colour for your return home.

  2. How wonderful that you still have lots of colour in your garden. Everything looks wonderful.

    God bless.

  3. That's a lovely cheerful looking garden still. We had to leave most of our colourful plants behind and just have a few pots now. Your cyclamen is particularly beautiful.

  4. Thanks for the autumn garden tour. We are still unable to meet up with family at this time. Hopefully that will change once more people get vaccinated.

  5. I agree with Jo , your garden is looking lovely . You got all the right tings in there for some cheerful Autumn colour ! I need to get some of those gorgeous Begonias for next year . Rain here this morning, leaves tumbling , love Autumn ! :)



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