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Monday, 11 October 2021

I've started.

 A few years ago I purchased this cotton yarn from Spain, it was to use on my loom, sadly weaving caused back pain and I gave up and sold my loom. I have 4 balls each 200grms and different colours. On top of everything else I am busy with, I decided I would like to use this yarn, I downloaded a shawl, but after a few rows the yarn was not right. I had a good think and could not see any use for this thin cotton. 
 I got out my 2mm crochet hook and started this granny square, I'm only using 3 colours, I have a pale cream I am keeping, don't know why. I'm just pleased to be working with these shades. It's really small but drapes lovely, I have no idea how big I can get it, I am going to work until I run out of yarn, this will not be a quick finish, I can see it taking of the winter and even beyond.
I gave my woodturning friend a challenge, I saw these wooden button coasters online, from a big online store, so I asked him 'can you makes these', and he can. I was asked did I want them to look perfect or should he use cracked wood, always cracked wood for me, as it looks far more natural. 
He did make 5 for me, one is packed away, below are 2 for me and 2 for my sister as part of her Christmas gift, it's OK to show here, she does not read my blog. Hubby varnished them, I am so pleased and I know my sister will love them. 
I have 2 of the mugs below, for my daughter and her hubby, again she does not read my blog, made by a local lady, they will become part of a bigger gift. This is the 3rd mug in their set, each Christmas after a baby is born into the family I have had these mugs made, this will be the final ones. 
My parcel has arrived, so I can do more french knots, I would like to get it finished and made into a cushion, the yarn is just for my stash, it was just too good a price not to get, it's Peter Pan 4ply and feels good quality and so much of it for just under £15. 
After having a couple days sleepover with Will, mummy, George and Molly, on Saturday Will came back to ours for a sleepover, hubby made a rich chocolate cake, the photo here has been set up to send to mummy. The cake is lush. 
Our petrol is sorting itself out, our local village BP sells out as soon as the tanker comes in, but not too far away is a huge Tesco, hubby filled up on Saturday without any problems. We are planning a trip to Somerset, my brother says there are no problems down there, so we can fill up just before heading for home. I am noticing more gaps on shop shelves, nothing too bad, most things I can find an alternative product, we won't do any more home delivies for a while, they often replace with items we are not happy with. 

Saturday was so warm, we took Will to our local park, it has a nice play area, so lovely to be out in warm sunshine, we are making use of any warm sunny day. He loved homemade pizza for tea, he helps make them and always chose his own toppings. Sunday was an early start, and another trip to the park. Later hubby and I had a restful evening. 

Today I have nothing planned, I will do some housework and then spend an hour in the garden. Later I have loads of different crafts to do. 


  1. Those coasters are really lovely. And I agree on the beauty of cracked wood.

  2. The button coasters are wonderful, so unusual. What a lovely gift the family mugs are. The chocolate cake looks delicious, I bought one yesterday and I bet it's not nearly as tasty as your hubby's homemade cake.

  3. Oh I love those coasters, I would love them as a present.

  4. I like the idea of the wooden coasters - they would make lovely Christmas pressies for my sons' girlfriends as they are both into their woolly crafting! Lovely idea indeed :)

  5. Those coasters are wonderful. I love the cracked wood as it makes the button look well used.

    God bless.

  6. I'm glad you've found a use for the yarn, you can see the drape already, I'm sure it will be a gorgeous snuggly blanket once it's finished. I love the mug, that's such a lovely idea. Such unusual coasters, they'll make a great gift for your sister. I think part of the charm of homemade is that things aren't perfect, you can buy mass produced if you don't want blemishes, the cracks make them individual.

  7. I recognise the brand of yarn and No.8 is really fine indeed. I do like those button coasters very original and like yourself I would go for the ones with cracks too. Keep well. Amanda x



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