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Sunday, 3 October 2021

Knitting and sewing.

 I'm busy with making Christmas gifts, and sewing, but I decide to unpick the sock I started back in May, I just did not enjoy the colours and start another new pair. In my defence, Grace wanted to sit on my lap loads of nights this week, and most of my projects are too big to hold with a cat on my lap, I'm loving this yarn, it James C Brett, the navy is Opal all 4ply.

I loved making Molly's dress, it's from this pattern book, there are a few more I might knit at some point. Daughter is so pleased, made with  soft Crofter by Sirdar another 4ply. I changed the neck opening, adding a few rows of garter stitch with a couple button holes, on both shoulders looks much nicer. 

I got myself in a bit of a tizz with Georges jacket, it looked far to thin for him, George is a slim boy, buy this just looked too small, on a visit this week I tried it on him and it fits perfectly, so I can happily finish it. Just the one and a half front tops and sleeves to do. 
I love the texture on this work, it's all done with french knots, loads of them, just embossing the colours, I have done a similar design here, I find it very therapeutic, I enjoy making the knots and checking for no holes, seeing the design come alive, simple craft at it's best. I did break one of my own rules, my workbox is full of DMC threads, but not one to match the red, our local shop sells only Anchor threads, so for the first time ever I have mixed threads, I can't see any difference. 
I have a few books to read, but I've not settled enough to start a new book, I am trying to get ahead for Christmas this year, I have a couple local craft people make some items, which I should pick up in the next few days. I'm not making socks this year, most of the family have a few pairs of my socks. We are trying to take our season values back again this year, I've never been one to purchase the latest must haves, even the grandchildren get a cash gift, not huge but enough to put towards something they want. I am putting together gifts for daughter and her husband, and similar for my sister and her partner, both gifts will reflect each couple. Not sure regarding my brother, he can be difficult to sort, I've plenty of time to think about his gift. 

I have been crafting through the rainy days, we have no need to go out, we did get a dry walk on Friday evening at 9pm, we got another too good to go M&S bag, loads of cheesy treats, so mostly for me, hubby does not eat cheese. The cones were out across the garage, no fuel, we still have half a tank so we should be OK, I keep saying it, but life is strange. Saturday I did not leave the house, hubby popped into garden to check bird feeders, just to wet to be outside. We did not get the winds and heavy rain, it just rained all the day. Today is going to be the same for us, there should be less rain, but we will stay home. 

Our local part of the motorway M27 is closed for the weekend, so all vehicles are diverted through the village, it will remain closed until the early hours of Monday morning, another good reason to stay in. 


  1. Molly's dress is lovely. I've not seen queues at our local petrol station when I've been down that way taking the pup out but we don't need any petrol anyway as we filled up before this madness started. I think there's a plan brewing for us to rejoin the single market as we need EU workers or so we're being told, just my opinion.

  2. Your dress is lovely. I am attempting to do one for my granddaughter but I am worried it might be too small now as it knits up and am wondering if I should have made the next size up but the chest size seemed huge. With sewing I could guage a pattern size better but I am so new to knitting I am all at sea not knowing if pattern sizes tend to be generous ot tight.
    I might be OK if my granddaughter doesn't have a growth spurt before her birthday!

  3. Love Molly´s dress, glad the jacket fits George too. I do love the french knot project, I´ve always enjoyed doing french knots and have used them to make stone paperweights and 12th scale plants in the past xcx

  4. The dress is lovely, Sirdar Crofter is lovely yarn isn't it. I like your stripy socks too. We give our daughters money to buy the grandchildren some presents, they know more what they like than we do, then we also make up a small sack each with little bits, that works for us and means I spend less.

  5. I too like Molly's dress ...

    We didn't venture far this weekend, what with the weather and the petrol situation, we felt it best to stay home.
    Hope the new week brings an improvement to both!

    All the best Jan

  6. The French knot stitchery is moving right along. I can't see any real difference in the red colour.

    God bless.

  7. I love that gorgeous pink dress for Molly ! x



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