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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Bank holiday weekend

Hubby did a wonderful job of cleaning out the birdbath, it was full of muck and the stones covered in green stuff, the only way to keep it clear is to clean it regularly. I have a copper ring in the middle to help with algae, I would like a couple of small plants, but not sure what to get. 
I manage to pot up all the pansies and violas, I have my folding table out in the greenhouse, I've discarded the cucumber and tomato plants, I'm not going to get many more from either, all the green tomatoes are in a brown paper bag, they should all ripen. 
 Daughter wanted some of my peony plant, so I dug up my roots, it was huge, I will keep it in this pot until next spring, when I will plant it in a pot daughter has purchased. This plant is amazing, so long lived, the original plant was in mum's garden when I was a child. 
I was given this gooseberry bush, it was tiny at the beginning of the year, I've now potted it into its final place. I don't like them but hubby loves them, such a spiky plant needs to placed out of the way of grand children. 
Hubby is always helpful in the garden, he moved pots around in this area, the begonias now can be fully seen. The big black pots has some chrysanthemum and pansies in, the sticks are to keep the cats away. 
My sister gave me this pink blueberry Bush a few years ago, it's a lovely size, but in truth I don't need 3 blueberries, so I popped this on our local Facebook page and it was collected. The pot I reused for the gooseberry. 
Sunday was sunny and warm, so brilliant to be outside, hubby went for a bike ride, later he helped me move things, there is very few things better than a day outside, it always amazes me how much I can find to do outside. I trimmed everything in our herb garden, the scent was so good. I did clean my shed, soon I will have loads of stuff to over winter, so knowing its clean in there is pleasing. We did have another mid afternoon BBQ, just the 2 of us, making the most of the warm weather. Later after a wonderful shower, another quiet night in, patio doors open until late, hubby sprayed everywhere on our decking with Pinesol, which helps keep the flies away and it smells great. 

Monday started and stayed a cloudy day, we went for a walk along the shoreline, we are so lucky to have this walk so close, no need to drive, no photos, I've done loads of post before. Most of the garden task were finished, so it was a crafting day, I have done more knitting, and I am looking at my cross stitch designs, we have loads of time to fill, and I am truly fed up with looking at my phone. I have been working on another blog book, the last one I published was 2018, I normally work 1 year behind, but last year, whilst I had plenty of time, I was not in the mindset, and with the new layouts, I found it all too much. It is simpler in the systems, but much harder work, so much of the automatic things have gone, so every photo and word has to be manually imported and edited. I have decided to print 2019, 2020 and 2021, the events of these years have been huge. 


  1. Your garden is wonderful and it is so nice that your Hubby helps with it. I look after the flowers and my Hubby looks after the veggie garden. However I am usually harvest it and process it. Oh well at least I do not have to weed it.

    That is a great idea to make a blog book. They will be a wonderful resource to look back on.

    God bless.

    1. I would not manage without hubby, I have far too many big pots. I do love my blog books, and often look back at photo's.

  2. The flowers in your 5th photograph look so colourful.

    Happy September Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  3. I miss my birdbath and watching the avian antics that took place in it. With two cats in our household, I've not tried to replace it.
    It seems that your summer has passed by quite quickly (as has our winter), but perhaps that feeling comes about because life has been so topsy-turvy the last couple of years.
    Your blog books will be great for your family to look back on in future years.
    Happy gardening :) xx



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