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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Gala day.

On Saturday it was our village gala held at Portchester castle, it was a beautiful hot sunny day, normally our gala is held in June, our last gala was June 2019, so everyone was pleased to go to the event, the parade through the village did not go ahead this year. 
 Inside the castle grounds are all the vintage cars, loads of stalls run by local groups, youth organisations, and local charities. There is a huge show ring in the centre and loads of things happening through out the day. Outside the walls are loads of things to try, archery, huge blow-up spheres which you get in and roll around, bumper cars and a fun fair. 
Out side the castle walls on the coast side, the tide is in, so perfection, we could have been anywhere along the Mediterranean sea, we are very lucky to live here, almost everything we need is at hand. So many times we have enjoyed this view and the castle grounds. 
Looking back towards the castle, we walked home along the shoreline, passing loads of people walking towards the castle, it was a perfect time. 

We have only missed the gala once, one year when my sister visited, its a good family fun day, normally we take Will, but on Saturday he was with grandpa and grandma, we did not stay too long, just a lovely walk around. 
Earlier we both had our flu jabs, our doctors surgery is on the ball with getting everyone done early, giving time later for getting our covid booster jabs, which they are hoping to start in October. 

On a separate note last week the castle was closed to public, the car park taken over by huge vans, antiques road was filming, so look out for Portchester Castle location, coming on BBC1 soon. 

Both Friday and Saturday evenings I got a M&S too good to go bag, both had a great mixture of things, we love these bags, for their value as contents are worth £12, and the treats we have, we are able to walk to the shop within our local garage. 

Thank you for your comments in my last post, I am feeling better, so many of us are worriers, and these days we have so much more to deal with. I always find the end of summer hard, I love the autumnal colours everywhere, but I do love being outside in our garden, sat inside watching is never the same. 

Today is a lazy day at home, not seen daughter for a while, she is settling into their new routine of school everyday, Will is busy, he went to a starters marshal arts class and wants to join, Friday night he camped out in garden with daddy and loved it, he is growing up so fast. Everything changes once they start school. We have had a short sharp storm this morning, the garden would like a couple more. 


  1. How lovely, that's one thing I miss about country life and hope to enjoy again when we move/retire - village fairs!

  2. That's a lovely setting for the gala, and they got a good day for it. Our local gala has been cancelled again this year, along with most other local events where crowds gather. It's interesting how some places seem to be back to normal with things like this whereas other places are still being very cautious. Yes, I'm a worrier too, I'd worry if I didn't have anything to worry about, that's how bad it gets, haha.

  3. That sounds like a lovely day out and such beautiful weather too. I will certainly watch out for the Antiques Roadshow episode from your local castle.

  4. What a lot of vintage cars!!! I bet they were wonderful to look at.

    God bless.



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