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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

A finish and a start

 Hubby started baking again, a marmalade and orange cake, we will cut it tomorrow, it did smell good whilst baking. It's time to be thinking about baking Christmas cakes, I make 2 each year. 
A new start, this is going to be a gift, but the person is not online much, so it's safe to post here, another french knot project. Not too many colours and easy shapes. I was concerned with the fabric as it is so flat, but this is working well. 
I will infill the whole S and then sew into a square cushion, it's a Christmas gift for a friend, she knits but does not sew. It will look good in her craft room chair. 
My sewing machine is out, I'm using mine, not my sisters, I've cut out red oblong and reindeer fabrics for lining, simple sewing, I decided not to look for short fur and have a patterned top. I hope to finish all 3 stockings this week. It's important to have them ready for early December. 
Molly's dress is finished and I love it, the neck openings work and look good, I need to get a pair of white tights to go with it, photo next time, it's drying after a quick rinse and blocked. I'm now working on the jacket for George. I do have a pair of socks started which I would like to finish. 

The weather has turned this week, cold and wet,  September has been a good month, loads of dry sunny days, bonus days outside, all my tender plants are tucked away safe, soon the wooden furniture covered and ornaments will be stored in my shed for winter. I won't be able to get into my shed, but it's OK, I don't need anything until next spring. It rained heavy overnight, which is good, the garden under the surface is really dry, the sun is trying to appear, hopefully I can still wear my sandals today again, I try and delay wearing socks and shoes for as long as I can. 

So it's crafting and reading time, I am also working on my blog book, I'm doing well with 2019, hope to get it finished soon, I will then immediately get started on 2020. I was going to stop at 2018, but with the crazy things happening, I wanted to publish just a couple more books. 2021 will be the last book I publish, I only make 1 copy for myself, I do love to look back on them. 


  1. The cake looks lovely. Your friend will love her gift and William's Christmas stocking will be fabulous. The weather is mild but we've woken up to rain the last few days but the gardens need it.

  2. Great gift for your friend, i'm sure she will love it. The stockings are looking good, looking forward to seeing them all made up. We had lots of rain yesterday, not so much today, but the wind has picked up.

  3. I've never seen this french knot idea before, is it your own invention, it's lovely

    1. I have seen simular smaller designs, but this design is my making. I do love the difference in textures.

  4. The marmalade cake sounds and looks yummy, how lovely that your husband can bake. Your makes are wonderful, as always.

  5. Sounds like you are all set for winter when it arrives. Our weather here is still typical spring, very changeable. I hope you get to wear your sandals for a few more days yet :) xx

  6. You are moving right ahead on those Christmas gifts. I hope to start a few of the quicker ones next month.

    I can hardly wait to see the finished dress, stockings, and French knot project finished.

    God bless.

  7. The marmalade and orange cake looks delicious ...

    All the best Jan



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