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Friday, 17 September 2021


I had seen a few reviews on this book, youngest daughter passed it to me, not my favourite style of narrative, but I stuck with it, not sure how to review it, the, a storyline around mental illness, love and families. It would be hard to say I enjoyed it, but it was a really good read. Book 40 read this year.  
I was passed this book, I had read Virginia Andrews way back, everyone loved Flowers in the Attic, Family Storms was a exceptional read, well written, a brilliant story, told by a 14 year old girl, book 41 read this year. 

I love Peter James crime novels, always set in and around of Brighton, this is a totally different storyline, I enjoyed it from his first word to the last, great read. Book 42 read this year. 
It can be difficult when you are part of a book swap, loads of my friends know I am a huge bookworm, so I am often given books to read, luckily for me most are to my taste. It's a fantastic way to find new authors, and ones you have not read for years. I rarely give up on a book, a few I have read I have been pleased to get to the end of the story.

I have lost myself in books this week, just a bit of gardening as everywhere is looking good, with no projects, I have nothing to think about, and I am a thinker, so thoughts turn to what's happening all around us, the upcoming winter months, family, Will has now his date for his operation. I have been feeling gloomy, hubby keeps asking what I would like for my birthday in November, it's a huge one, I officially retire and get my pension. I have never worried about my age, we are who we want to be at any age, but these days being older with this virus around us is worrying, Oh did I say I worry as well as overthink things. With the changing season showing and summer coming to an end, its just another level which has all got together to bring me down, I do have a loving family, hubby, daughter and siblings, so it's a case of working through it, I'm not complaining as I know people who really suffer with mental health issues, mine will pass it always does.

We have been out, a lovely afternoon on Monday with youngest daughter, it was her birthday, so I took cake and flowers, she had already had her gift, dentist and shopping on Tuesday, Wednesday we had a walk around our park and through our small market, Thursday lunch with friends at a garden centre. I've seen Will, George and Molly loads, sadly Will started full time school this week so days playing together have been replaced with desk, teachers and different fun for him. 


  1. I'm a worrier too, mine comes at night and thoughts go round and round, most of them not rational, I've been doing sleep meditation for a good few months now and have to say that its been a game changer for me, it helps me to clear those thoughts and sleep better. I downloaded some free one yo my phone. Bonnie started school too this week, they are far too young at 4 i think, she seems to be enjoying it though. I haven't read any of those books, I only generally read when I go to bed I find it difficult to sit and read in the day. Hope you feel better in yourself soon

  2. Have you read 'American Dirt' by Jeanine Cummins, its so good, can't put it down. My Son and his wife recommended it.

  3. Like Maggie, my worries seem to overtake me at night and keep me from sleep. I am trying to meditate, but sometimes it is hard to make my mind a blank.

    Some interesting reads there. Thanks for sharing.

    God bless.

  4. Thank you for these reviews not authors I have read so I'll look them up. I am presently reading a Tim Weaver book, ' Fall from Grace' which I'm thoroughly enjoying.

  5. Sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit down. Hopefully you will soon bounce back up again - but never be afraid to ask your doctor for help if you don't feel better soon. I hate drugs but every now and then my serotonin levels drop and leave me feeling really down, and only a course of drugs helps me improve. Thankfully I only ever need to take them for a short time to have good results.
    Sending you hugz, Mxx



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