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Monday, 13 September 2021

Changing seasons

These are the rest of my bulbs for next spring, Saturday I spent the day outside, sorting untidy pots and planting the new seasons colours. Hubby was out in afternoon, so an enjoyable time on my own. It was sunny and warm, a perfect day for being outside. 
The bigger pot had a dahlia plant, which I have popped into a plastic pot to over winter in my greenhouse, it is now full of a mixture of bulbs, my metal pot, had a daisy in, which again is in a plastic pot in greenhouse, I love the mixture of colours in the violas, such tiny beautiful flowers. The Cyclamen I purchased in the village the day before.  My pots of Begonias are in full of blooms, they will last until the frost arrive. 
The long pots infront of the raspberries now have pansies in, limited colours, loads of white flowers, which I love, these will soon grow and fill these tubs. I have replanted some of the plants from these tubs into my raised bed, I probably have a 50/50 chance they will come back next year. 
Now for something completely different, I was reading a blog where the lady was using Sphagnum moss, and getting good results for her cuttings, she was experimenting with moss and Perlite. I already knew Perlite was great for some cuttings, but not everything, only time will tell if this works. I've made my 1st garden prop box, I have done 2 cuttings from the same plant, one each in the 2 growing mediums, time will show which is best. 
My 39th book read this year, a very light predictable story line, I almost did not read it, another new to me author I won't look for another of her books. 
I am aware Sphagnam Moss is grown under licence, mine was grown and sold here in northern England, I did alot of reading before making the purchase, it has loads of uses, so far I have used it with my air-plant, carnivorous plants, succulents and orchids. I don't intend to purchase more of it, one bag should be enough, it can be added to potting compost, but I would rather not do that, I want to cherish it for it's water retaining properties, the rest of the bag is laid on top of compost in a huge plant pot saucer, in hope it stays alive. My air-plant is not looking too good, I have cared for it since May 2018, I am hoping I can keep it alive. 

Saturday was a really late night to bed, we decided to watch the US open tennis tournament, Emma Raducanu has stormed the tennis world, coming through the qualification rounds, making her the 1st ever person to qualify and then go on to win the tournament, and she is only 18. It was a great match, Leylah Fernandez was not going to give her an easy ride, truly stunning to watch, they both have so many great years of tennis ahead of them, and we have loads to look forward to watching. 

Sunday was another sunny blue sky day, these days are always a bonus in September, the temperatures are never normally as hot as August, but everyone loves the sunshine as summer is closing.  After all the housework, more time outside, I am starting to put things inside the greenhouse, then more reading, blissful weekend. Loads of laundry dried on the line, we washed all the bathroom floor mats, these are thick and takes load of time to dry. 

Today is youngest daughters birthday, Will is at school, George is not well, so no nursery, we will spend the morning with them, and then, well I don't know, if I'm feeling creative I hope to get my sisters sewing machine out and have a play.


  1. That looks a good selection of bulbs ... happy growing.
    Happy Birthday wishes for your daughter.
    Hope George feels better soon.

    All the best Jan

  2. What a lovely way to spend a day working in the garden.

    God bless.

  3. Your garden will be a riot of colour with all those bulbs. I haven't heard of that author, though I know what you mean about some books, they're an okay story but nothing to get your teeth into. Sometimes that's just what I want, nothing I have to concentrate too hard on, haha.

  4. interesting ref the moss. You certainly do plough through books! I watched the tennis too, for some reason I was entranced by Emma R and having had zero interest in tennis, she sparked my enthusiasm, I really wanted her to win and loved her determination - she's going to be the Princess Diana of the sports world!



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