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Wednesday, 22 September 2021


I needed something to do, make plans and keep my mind busy, so I've started to think about Christmas, I know it's only September, but it does have a habit of creeping up on us. I have 3 stockings to make and this red fabric will be a great base, I would like some soft furry white fabric for the top. Whilst I was looking at my fabric, I pulled out fabrics with yellow on, it's not a colour I use much, but I had an idea forming for a gift. 
Not finding the fabric I wanted, we popped to a local charity craft shop, it's in a nearby village, the star fabric I got, just because. The brightly coloured piece, whilst not yellow is perfect for my project, the letter S, will also help with project, every thing here came to £2.50, 
I was doing some pages on my 2019 blog book, when I purchased these yarns for a jumper for Will, I never used them, so I have pulled them out, these are double knitting, I normally use 4ply. Daughter loves this pattern and has asked me to make it for George, so I am thinking, should I do stripes or each panel in a different colour, 4 shades of 1 x 50grm ball and 2 balls of red, or just purchase more. 
I have been playing with my sisters sewing machine, it's a simple set up, I did some straight sewing for hubby, stitches neat and perfect tension, so leaving in the black cotton I played, was happy doing designs and finally Wills name, sadly I can't get it anywhere big enough, so I will have to go to plan B. It was fun playing, but it has confirmed I don't want an embroidery machine of this style.  

I have been knitting Molly dress, I've done the top front and back, both were easy using a normal straight set of needles, I did some unpicking on the bodice pattern, something looked wrong, but when I got back to the spot everything was knitted correctly, it was only a few short rows, but annoying. Only the short sleeves to do, I can now see the finish line here, it's not a special gift, just ready for the cooler weather, I will get a pair of white tights to go with it. The middle eyelets will have some lovely pink elastic, don't think daughter would want ribbons. 
I would have liked to do more craft, but these sunny warm days sees me outside, making the most of every decent day. Most of my tender plants are back in the greenhouse, my begonias are placed so we can see the blooms from the house, I only put the 2 smaller pots in here, the corns in chimneys stay in the soil all through the winter. I have not started packing away all my shelf decorations and the glazed bigger ornaments, they all spend the winter months in my shed. 

Tuesday our sign ladies met at a garden center for lunch, it's one attached to a local country house, it's a very expensive place, I had nothing to get, which normally does not stop me seeing something, hubby got more heather's, they had different colours all natural, he came home really happy.

Today I am meeting daughter, not sure what we are doing, I think she is looking for lavender plants for her new raised bed. I'm tired after a poor nights sleep, so hopefully a calm child cuddly day. 


  1. I think everyone is getting their head into Christmas mode - I've just printed the labels for Christmas cards and have finished the card making too.

    1. I've not started my cards as yet, I have everything I need to make them.

  2. Morning m'dear, don't know if you will see this at my blog (thank you for the continued visits!).

    I'm sorry you are feeling so worried about everything at present and I understand. I but know that if I take on too much of what is happening then I can become paralysed by fear of it all - so I don't! Much easier said than done, I know, but focussing only on what I can control is what works for me.

  3. I've already started on buying bits for the childrens Christmas stockings and have quite a few things put away now, not made anything yet though. I'm trying to concentrate on getting some things finished now before the end of the year, trying hard not to start something new. You got some bargain buys with the fabric and the letter and can't wait to see the stockings you make

  4. The cable cardi for George will be lovely, and the pink dress for Molly is so pretty.

  5. It does seem that many of us are already thinking about Christmas ... even the grandchildren were telling me it's less than 100 days away!

    The pink dress for Molly looks very nice and I like the cardigan pattern chosen for George.

    All the best Jan

  6. What a lovely cardigan pattern for George and the pink dress is gorgeous.

    Christmas is tickling my brain and soon I will have to get started. Just want to get a few other things finished first.

    God bless.

  7. Christmas will be here before we know it and crafters who make gifts have to start extra early to make sure we get them all finished in time so I don't think September is too early to make a start. You've made good progress on Molly's dress and the little cardigan will be lovely for George, it will keep him nice and warm. It's good that you were able to borrow your sister's sewing machine, imagine parting with the sort of money that those embroidery machines cost only to find out that it's not what you want. Looking forward to seeing the stockings you make.



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