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Monday, 20 September 2021

In the greenhouse

 I adore my new stand for my 'bonsai' plants, hubby cut and put it together from some spare wood. My oak at the back has done well, I'm hopeful I can grow this and keep it small. The front sapling is new this year, so 🤞 I can take this forward. 

This small shelf unit looks lovely with my small plants on, one pot still has loads of flowers, I can see this display from inside the house. 
This corner is looking good, most of these plants say inside all year round, there is plenty of space in front for my tender plants, which soon will be coming in here. 
Just a couple of my many Succulents, I popped 2 of the lithops from smaller pots in the onion pot, my gravy pot is looking healthy, I always worry when a new plant flowers. 
I've had a trio of plants in this planter for years, I did replace the Venus flytrap this summer, they earn their place keeping flies down in greenhouse. I need to pull out my plastic trays from the staging and give them a wash, before they are full again. 
These pansies and violas are spare plants and will soon fill gaps in garden, this tray will be then fill of tender plants. I still have some cuttings on the go, a honeysuckle at the back, more hotlips and a chocolate cosmos, which have all rooted, I love new plants for free. 
I have not opened this box, there is plenty of moisture inside, the plants are looking good, I am hoping for loads of new small plants. If this works it will be my new method for cuttings, I have 9 pots in here, so it uses much less space. 

My maidenhead fern has been in loads of different rooms in the house, it was not a happy plant, so I cut all of the top growth off and popped it in a shady spot, lovely new growth, I really hope I can bring this plant back to its former glory. 
The greenhouse gives me so much pleasure all through the year, I often say things have to earn their place in my small garden, and my greenhouse ticks all boxes, it's productive, it looks good and through the winter months it protects all of my tender plants. On cooler or wet days, I love being inside, I can always find something to do for an hour. 

Yesterday was another quiet day at home, I worked again on my 2019 blog book and did some knitting. Chelsea flower show is on this week, it's going to be very different this year, all the autumnal flowers and their colours, plus the balcony section, I watch the build up show on TV last night, followed by Gardeners World recorded from Friday.  

This morning was cool, which is a sign for me to start moving things into my greenhouse, it's a clear sky, so hopefully no rain, enough time for me to move around pots. Not everything goes into the greenhouse this early, if I move 2 begonia pots in there now they will flower much longer, giving colour at the very bottom of the garden.


  1. What a lovely set up in your greenhouse. I really wish we could have one to overwinter some plants, but here on the prairies of Canada I am afraid it would need to be heated. Not cost efficient at all.

    God bless.

    1. I purchased a heater a few years ago, it's still in it's box, our winter here in southern UK are mild and often we do not get snow. If it does snow it's gone very quickly.

  2. Lovely and nice to be able to enjoy your lovely plants arrangement from your house window . I think I already told you that I have that same sweet little pine table as you . I love it ! Autumn Blessings to you all ! Debbie xxx

  3. You've certainly got your greenhouse well set-up, it looks so good and organised.

    All the best Jan

  4. I always found it so satisfying to propagate new plants from what I had, but I have never tried that box method. It looks intriguing :)



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